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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Muskaan: Aarti loves her daughter Muskaan a lot. She doesn’t keep any identity of Muskaan with her. She meets Muskaan at the hostel’s clinic when Muskaan falls unconscious during a performance in her annual day function at school. Doctor suggests Aarti to take Muskaan home, but Aarti refuses. Muskaan doesn’t understand why Aarti doesn’t take her home, if she loves her so much. She wants to meet Aarti’s family. Muskaan doesn’t know that Aarti hasn’t told her family about her. Muskaan learns about Jaya’s wedding. She tells Aarti that she wants to accompany her home. Aarti apologizes to her and asks her to stay in the hostel. Jaya shockingly attempts suicide to avoid the wedding. She gets rescued by the family. Aarti prepares food for Muskaan and her friends.

    Muskaan asks Aarti to stay with her. Aarti and Muskaan spend some quality time. Aarti takes Muskaan to market and shop for her favorite things. She tells Muskaan that she has to leave for home soon. Aarti gets to see some stranger in the market and pleads him not to reveal her identity to anyone. Aarti’s mum calls her home as the riots got calm. She tells Aarti that its safe to return to Kolkata now. Aarti leaves Muskaan in Darjeeling. She deletes Muskaan’s pictures from the phone and sheds tears, as she can’t share about Muskaan with anyone. The reason for Aarti’s helplessness will be out soon.


    Leela commands the family to insult Parikhs. She asks Satya, Sejal and Kali to get insulting Susheel’s family to break their hearts. Kali and Satya get deeply hurt to get bitter towards Parikhs. Dada ji tells them that Susheel is innocent. He doesn’t want to stay with Ajmeras anymore. Shivam gets into a heated argument with Satya. Parikhs make a leave, which makes Leela too happy. Leela tells her family that she is happy to see Parikhs getting insulted in her house. Satya wants to meet Sarthi and plan something to catch Leela. He wants to find Susheel. He doesn’t know that Susheel has escaped from Leela’s clutches. Leela wonders where did Susheel go. She doesn’t want thee family to know the truth, else they would seek help from police.

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
    Sikandar tells Lovely that he will tell the truth to the entire world. Lovely threatens to reveal his truth too. She tells him the big secret, that she visited Nimrat’s village and learnt about his daughter. He says I had no daughter with Nimrat, you maybe mistaken. She tells him that she is saying the truth, the villagers also confirmed this. He tells her that Kulfi deserves the contract which she got for Amyra, she can’t use Kulfi’s voice for her motives. She stops him from giving the contract to Kulfi.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira meet by destiny, since their families’ prayers get answered. The universe wishes them to meet and unite. Kartik asks Naira to leave from the class, as she has come late. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words, as he used to tell her a similar thing of teaching her in management class. All her memories turn fresh. He asks her why isn’t she turning to him and leaving. She tries to hide her face and leave. She slips back. Kartik rushes to help her out. Kartik holds Naira to balance her. They both recall the past, that drifted them apart. The students gossip seeing their eyelock and romantic moment. Kartik thinks of Shubham’s death and all the bitterness he has in heart for Naira. He decides to leave the college.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita gets affected by Raman’s silly things. She trusts Raman and knows that he won’t do anything wrong. She wonders why is Raman doing this, this would hurt him too. She understands that he wants her to get hurt. She feels bad that Raman is in pain and hurting everyone around in an attempt to get rid of his sorrow. She feels the girl isn’t right. She calls up Ruhi to tell her about Raman. She asks Ruhi to inform her if Raman comes home. Ruhi asks her to sleep and not worry for Raman, who would get late. Ishita tells her that she wants Raman to cope up with Ad’s loss. Ruhi feels bad that Ishita worries for Raman so much and calls every night to know about Raman’s home coming.


    Shivay gets some filmi traits to get praising Anika about her charm and beauty. He impresses Anika by his lovely poetry. Anika gets enough of good appreciation from him. He tells her that he will never let her go from his life. Anika and Shivay perform on a retro song, where he expresses his love to her once again. Their mutual admiration is seen. On the other hand, Gauri pleads Abhimanyu to let her go. Abhimanyu’s lewd attempts gets on higher. Gauri manages to escape from his clutches with difficulty. Abhimanyu tries to cover his act of cheapness. Gauri runs away from everyone. Shivay tells Omkara that Roshni will surely love his paintings. He asks Omkara to be hopeful. Anika asks them about Gauri.

    Jiji Maa:

    Suyash meets Falguni and thinks he is day dreaming. He wonders when will he get rid of Falguni’s memories. She gets much happy to know that he still loves her. She takes Lazer’s disguise to meet Suyash. She tells him that he should stay fit, and not sorrowful. She tells him that he looks much pale faced, as if he has a unhealthy routine. Suyash proves his fitness to her by skipping the ropes. She wants Suyash to stay happy. Niyati and Vidhaan get to read the harsh comments on their videos. Niyati makes fun of Vidhaan. He gets serious on his criticism. She asks him not to take such bad comments on his heart. Jayant asks Suyash to attend a party. Uttara asks Suyash to meet few girls. Suyash refuses to her. He tells her that he is just paired up with Falguni. He doesn’t want to have anyone in his life.

    Falguni gets happy hearing his words. Jayant tells Uttara that Suyash will not go with anyone else, than Falguni, as he is committed to Falguni by all his heart. Falguni learns about Niyati and Vidhaan’s fight. She consoles Niyati and advices her to convince Vidhaan with love. Niyati thanks Falguni for always showing her the right path. Uttara learns about Teja getting a big order. She plans to get the order damaged or stolen on the way. She sends Balwant to make a loss for Teja and villagers.

    Falguni wishes all the best to Teja. Teja and the villagers happily start their new business and fulfill the order. Teja regrets that he couldn’t help Falguni by finding Shambu. Uttara asks Balwant to cheat everyone and steal the hardwork of the villagers. She is sure that Lazer will come to beg to her. She wants to throw out Lazer. Suyash learns about a deal and tells Jayant that he will stay committed to his work like before. Jayant asks him to stay happy and positive. Suyash finds a friend in Lazer. He informs her about the business meeting. Balwant and his men steal the clothes batch, while Falguni as Lazer teaches them a lesson by making them fall in dirty mud. Lazer teaches the villagers how to protect their rights and belongings. Balwant gets raged on Lazer.


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