Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa’s meet to stir their painful past


Kartik and Naira meet by destiny, since their families’ prayers get answered. The universe wishes them to meet and unite. Kartik asks Naira to leave from the class, as she has come late. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words, as he used to tell her a similar thing of teaching her in management class. All her memories turn fresh. He asks her why isn’t she turning to him and leaving. She tries to hide her face and leave. She slips back. Kartik rushes to help her out. Kartik holds Naira to balance her. They both recall the past, that drifted them apart. The students gossip seeing their eyelock and romantic moment. Kartik thinks of Shubham’s death and all the bitterness he has in heart for Naira. He decides to leave the college.

Manish calls up Kirti and tells her that Kartik has gone to the same college where Naira got enrolled for studies. He tells her that Kartik is giving a lecture in college today and hopefully he will meet Naira. She gets glad knowing Suwarna allowed Kartik for the lecture. Manish prays that KaiRa unite. Kartik and Naira deal with their emotions and rush out of the college, shedding tears. Suwarna tells Manish that she is going to Mumbai to stay with Kartik. Manish worries that she may break up Kartik and Naira again. Kartik wants to get away from Naira. Suwarna tells the family that she is going to Kartik. Surekha wishes to fulfill her pending plans once Suwarna leaves. Manish stops Suwarna and tells her that he is coming along. She asks him to board the next flight. He fails to stop her.

Kartik and Naira try to get a taxi and rush away. Naira thinks of the time when she met with an accident, hoping Kartik will come to her rescue. Kartik recalls the time when he finished Shubham’s final rites and came home, only to find Naira gone. Their lives shattered the same day. Kirti takes help from an air hostess. She passes false info to Suwarna about the flight delay. Suwarna gets upset and thinks to inform Manish. She then checks with the airlines. She confirms that the problem is genuine, Manish didn’t plan anything to stop her from meeting Kartik. She returns home. Naira and Kartik part ways again. They get glimpses of the painful past. Kartik feels he can never forgive Naira, who broke Suwarna’s trust. He wants Naira to regret for her mistakes. Kartik makes a mind to leave Mumbai and return to Udaipur. He doesn’t want to stay back at any cost. Naira tells Naitik that she won’t go college again.


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