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Piyaa Albela: Rahul and Surbhi start their new life. He apologizes to Surbhi for not understanding her love and they both mourn their daughter’s death. Very soon Harish and Supriya’s real son who was declared dead in the show will be making an entry soon, which will bring a new twist to the show and will change the relationships equation of Naren with his parents. Sahil Uppal will be making a comeback as Harish and Supriya’s son. Naren is searching him for some time now and will soon reveal about him to his family members.


Raavi has increased Harman’s problems. A new enemy enters the house to trouble Harman. Jeet tries to dominate Harman. Harman scolds him and reminds his limits. Jeet asks Harman to marry Jasleen, if he wants him to marry Raavi. Jasleen stops Jeet and Harman’s arguments. Jeet asks Harman to continue his dramas, but he will not tolerate anything at all. He threatens Harman in front of the family. Preeto gets speechless. Jeet blackmails Harman. He holds Raavi’s pregnancy secret. He tells Harman that entire family can shattered if their reputation gets ruined. He threatens of revealing the secret to the society, so that the society throws them out of the pind.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar gets a huge shock when he sees Amyra singing melodiously on the stage. He then understands that Amyra is lip syncing on someone else’s voice. He gets moved knowing how did this get possible and who is behind it. He then confronts Lovely. Sikandar learns Lovely and Amyra’s big lie. He gets much disappointed. He also learns about his first daughter. After the happy celebrations, Sikandar sinks in sorrow. He hurts himself in anger, after the argument with Lovely. He breaks the car’s window when he leaves from the venue. Sikandar holds his regret and pain in heart. His family understands his worry and pacifies him.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Everyone gets scolding Mariam at home. Mariam stays cool and answers them. Mahira shouts on Mariam. Mariam tells them that she got late, as she was with her friends. Mahira says you have already wasted out time, you won’t come for shopping with us, we will go for shopping with mum. Meher doesn’t support Mariam. She doesn’t want Mariam to do the same thing again. Meher tells them that they were really worried for her and tried to find her everywhere. Madiha tells Mariam that she is getting spoiled by over pampering by Majaaz. She asks Mariam to stay at home. Majaaz cheers up Mariam. He tells Mariam that he will play with her. The family observes fast and celebrates the month of Ramadan.


Suraj returns home from Lucknow. Suraj waits to talk to Chakor, but she stays busy with Vivaan. Chakor and Vivaan discuss their next plan. Suraj gets insecure because of Vivaan. Suraj stays upset with Chakor. Chakor tries to break the ice. Chakor tells Suraj that she has started finding clues to prove her point that Imli is alive. Suraj doesn’t want Chakor to keep friendship with Vivaan. He gets afraid that he will lose Chakor to Vivaan. Chakor apologizes to Suraj. Chakor and Suraj have a sweet moment.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul and Dadi reach a market. Bulbul tries to find a girl Aaliya. She meets someone and suspects her to be Aaliya. Bulbul has a motive behind this. She gets much attached with Aaliya. She feels Aaliya is in some trouble. She visits Aaliya’s home and finds Aaliya much sorrowful. She asks Aaliya what’s the problem bothering her. Bulbul stays worried for the little girl. Bulbul hopes to find her problem and help her. The track of child trafficking will be seen next.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Siddhant and Anushka are getting closer and spend some romantic moments although they don’t confess their feelings to each other. Siddhant tries to find out about Karthik’s involvement in aircraft sabotage and confronts Yogesh. Later, he comes to meet Karthik and gets surprised seeing him enjoying ladies’ performance. KK meets Siddhant and asks him to get the deal for him, and says that he has to stay in Russia for a year. He asks him to tell if he doesn’t intend to go then he will ask someone. Anushka gets worried thinking Siddhant will agree as he is very ambitious and can do anything to reach his aim. Siddhant gets in a dilemma and thinks if he shall expose Karthik or follow his dreams.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Daksh gets Varun kidnapped. Varun finds himself between the goons. He asks the goons to let him go to Devika. The goons ask him to beg on the roads. They call Varun mad and make fun of him. Varun tells them that he isn’t mad, but a child. He doesn’t differentiate between the right and wrong. He fails to understand who has put him in trouble. The goons don’t give him food. They torture Varun. The goons try to murder him. Varun fights back. Even when, he is mentally a child, he holds strength like an adult. Varun beats them goons red and blue.


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