Ishqbaaz: Shivika initiate to change society’s futile customs


Anika and Bhavya tell Gauri that they have to expose Abhimanyu. Gauri stops them from taking a strict stand against him. She doesn’t want to get involved in this matter. Bhavya asks Gauri not to get scared, as that would mean like encouraging such cheap men for crimes. She wants Abhimanyu to get punished for his sin. Anika too doesn’t want to spare him. Gauri tells them that Shivay will also lose his name in this matter, as Abhimanyu is the face of Shivay’s brand. She asks them to think of Oberois’ reputation, that would also get on stake. She doesn’t want any such loss for the family. She tells them that even Omkara will also lose his business. Bhavya tells her that they have to teach a lesson to Abhimanyu.

Gauri tells them that she will be blamed by the society, they are helpless as they are women. She asks them to hide the matter and not tell anyone. Anika and Bhavya don’t want Gauri to worry for Oberois’ name and business. Gauri makes them swear that they won’t come between Shivay and Omkara’s success.

Omkara thanks Abhimanyu and Roshni for admiring his art. Abhimanyu feels he has managed to cover up his crime. Anika tells Roshni about Abhimanyu’s cheap deed. She tells about Abhimanyu’s dirty attempt on Gauri. She warns Roshni about Shivay. Shivay gets to see the party footage. He wants to ensure the security. Roshni tells Anika that Abhimanyu will never chase Gauri, who isn’t worthy at all. Anika scolds Roshni, who accepts to know everything about Abhimanyu’s affairs. Shivay gets to see Abhimanyu and Gauri in the footage. He gets a huge shock seeing Abhimanyu’s dirty act. He loses his temper and wants to kill Abhimanyu to punish him for his act. Roshni asks Anika to better take care of Gauri and control her from reaching Abhimanyu. Anika feels Roshni is disgusting to support her husband.

Shivay learns why Gauri was afraid to launch the brand with Abhimanyu. Anika stops Shivay from reaching Abhimanyu. He tells her what Abhimanyu has done. She tells him that Gauri doesn’t want them to do anything. He asks her why didn’t she tell him about the matter. She reveals how Gauri is tensed about their family respect. He tells Anika that nothing is important than Gauri’s respect. Shivay discusses the matter with Dadi, who deeply regrets for the bad happening. He tells Anika that they have to tell Omkara about the matter, as Gauri is his wife, they have to teach Abhimanyu a lesson. He gets mad at Abhimanyu. Anika doesn’t want to forget the trauma Gauri is suffering from. Shivay too understands her pain.

Bhavya tries to stop Omkara and Rudra from meeting Gauri. The entire family disappears from the party. Abhimanyu finds them strange hosts. Roshni tells them that if Oberois decide to expose him, then nobody can help him out. Anika tells Shivay that Roshni blamed Gauri for the matter, she isn’t regretting. Shivay tells Anika that they should expose Abhimanyu in front of the world. He decides to punish Abhimanyu. He asks Anika not to stop him. Dadi asks Shivay to forget the matter, as the wound will get deeper and hurt Gauri more. She asks him to think about Omkara and Gauri’s relationship, which will come at stake because of society’s taunts. He asks Dadi how can she teach him wrong.

She tells him that Gauri’s character will be questioned by the society. He tells them that they have to fight with the society and prove who is the real victim in such cases. He doesn’t want anyone to accuse the victim. He doesn’t feel that they should get scared of the society and watch the girl getting accused.

Anika agrees with Shivay. She asks Dadi why are just girls blamed always, why are men not punished for their cheap character. He tells Dadi that he will take an initiative to change the thinking of the society. He doesn’t want Gauri’s name to be dragged in the matter. He plans to expose Abhimanyu by concealing Gauri’s name. Abhimanyu doesn’t change. He gets flirting with a girl in the party. Shivay and Anika come up with a plan to trap Abhimanyu. Anika takes a disguise and meets Abhimanyu. He gets stunned with her appealing beauty. He easily gets trapped by Anika’s charm. Shivay gets sure that Abhimanyu’s sins will speak up his truth. Anika wears a spy cam to publicly expose Abhimanyu’s dirty character. Oberois will succeed to expose Abhimanyu.


  1. So proud to never a Shivika fan. IB makers brought wonderful social messages to educate the viewers with such strong n logical episodes. Though I loved Gauri’s marrow escape from that creep Abhimanyu but I really loved how Shivika handled this situation n raised their voice on behalf of Gauri. Kudos to the team but I missed Dadi. Wanted to know her perspective now as well. Wish makers add this in Monday’s episode.


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