Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi to heal Sikandar’s sorrowful wounds


Sikandar gets a huge shock when he sees Amyra singing melodiously on the stage. He then understands that Amyra is lip syncing on someone else’s voice. He gets moved knowing how did this get possible and who is behind it. He then confronts Lovely. Sikandar learns Lovely and Amyra’s big lie. He gets much disappointed. He also learns about his first daughter. After the happy celebrations, Sikandar sinks in sorrow. He hurts himself in anger, after the argument with Lovely. He breaks the car’s window when he leaves from the venue. Sikandar holds his regret and pain in heart. His family understands his worry and pacifies him.

At home, Kulfi sees Sikandar hurt and applies haldi to his hand. Sikandar and Kulfi have an emotional moment. Kulfi makes a sandwich for Sikandar and talks innocently, which brings a smile on his face. Sikandar feels Amyra hasn’t sung the song on the stage, she has cheated everyone by stealing someone’s voice and talents. He wants the real singer to get the credits for the concert. Sikandar also decides to find his daughter, who lives in village. He doesn’t know that Kulfi is his daughter. He will go to village to find out Kulfi.


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