Shakti: A new entry to create barriers for Harman and Soumya

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Sameer has turned negative, although his mother suggested him to let Soumya go with Harman, after all she is still his wife and Harman didn’t marry Jasleen and searching Soumya. He tells his mum that he will not let Soumya go to Harman and as he deserves this punishment. He tells her that Soumya belongs to just him now and he will never let Harman unite with her. He gives money to some men to misguide Harman. When Harman questions the men showing Soumya’s picture, they tell him that Soumya has boarded a bus just now to go to another city. Harman gets shocked and tells Jasleen that they shall go to Patiala and search for Soumya. Sameer feels proud of his idea and thinks Soumya is in his house and Harman will be searching her in some other city. He thinks Harman will get fed up of searching her and will end his search one day.

Sameer’s mum sees Soumya making a teddy shirt and telling that he is her Harman ji. She thinks Soumya loves Harman a lot and Sameer shall love her with more intensity than Harman. Harman dreams of uniting with Soumya and hugs her. He asks her if she is upset with him.

Soumya rests her head on his shoulder and says when you come near me then all my complaints go away. Harman asks her to return to him. Soumya asks him how can I return, our love is like a clock, once times move forward, it can’t return back. Harman gets tensed and wakes up from sleep calling out Soumya. Elsewhere, Raavi is getting trapped by Jeet in an extramarital affair. She will soon find out about his reality. Preeto slaps Raavi for doing a sin.

Raavi has increased Harman’s problems. A new enemy enters the house to trouble Harman. Jeet tries to dominate Harman. Harman scolds him and reminds his limits. Jeet asks Harman to marry Jasleen, if he wants him to marry Raavi. Jasleen stops Jeet and Harman’s arguments. Jeet asks Harman to continue his dramas, but he will not tolerate anything at all. He threatens Harman in front of the family. Preeto gets speechless.

Jeet blackmails Harman. He holds Raavi’s pregnancy secret. He tells Harman that entire family can shattered if their reputation gets ruined. He threatens of revealing the secret to the society, so that the society throws them out of the pind.

Jasleen was happy to see her brother coming, but she didn’t know that Jeet has come with ulterior motives. Jasleen is also caught up in this situation. She doesn’t want Jeet to use Raavi for his motives.

Meanwhile, Sameer reaches there to know about Harman. Harman and Jasleen get shocked seeing Sameer home. Jasleen hasn’t married Harman, knowing he loves Soumya. Sameer knows this truth. Sameer finds the things changing in Harman’s life. He gets glad seeing Harman and Jasleen’s marriage talks going on. Harman asks Sameer if he found Soumya. Sameer tells him that he didn’t find any information about Soumya till now. Jeet learns Sameer is helping Harman and Jasleen. What will Harman decide? Keep reading.


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