Ishqbaaz: Oberois to get new neighbors; Interesting tracks ahead


There is a new guest in the Oberoi family. The family doesn’t want to welcome the guest, because the guest, a dog creates troubles for them. Rudra just sits crying on seeing the dog. The little dog scares Obros. Shivay asks someone to help. He gets away from the dog. The dog watches the Oberois’ drama. Shivay asks the dog to stay away and not come close. He recalls his childhood fears. He tells Anika that he is allergic to dogs. Shivay jumps on the table and shows him a frying pan to make the dog away. Shivay consoles Rudra and tells him that he will protect him. He tries to control his fears. Rudra misses his pet god. He gets emotional. He asks who has killed his dog during his childhood.

Shivay tells him that he didn’t do anything, Omkara and he disliked the barking dog and gave the dog to someone else to get rid of it. Khanna tells the family that the dog isn’t unclaimed, it has a owner, RJ Rishabh, who are their new neighbors. Rishabh introduces his brother and his pet. He takes his pet with him.

Rudra asks his brothers to accept their mistake of sending his favorite dog away. Shivay and Omkara feel they have really done wrong with Rudra, as he isn’t able to cope up with the loss of the pet till now.

Oberois have breakfast with the neighbors. Rishabh’s brother looks pale faced. He tells Shivay that someone wants to kill him. He tells the secret that his brother Rishabh is after his life. He asks Shivay to save him. Rishabh stops his brother from revealing anything more. Shivay gets suspicious about Rishabh.

Elsewhere, Anika meets the shop owner, from where she buys her favorite slippers. She beats the man to check the quality of the slippers. The man gets scared. The man tells Shivay that he always makes designer sandals for Anika at a cheaper rate. Anika always wants to buy things at a cheap price and save money. She asks Shivay to respect her sentiments. Bhavya tells Shivay that she wants to join her duty again. Omkara pulls Rudra’s leg over the matter, as Rudra doesn’t want to do any job. He asks Rudra to join Oberois’ office and help Shivay in business.


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