Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar to have a musical jam


Sikandar comes home drunk. He doesn’t know whose voice did Lovely use to make Amyra famous. Kulfi wants to leave the house. She sees Sikandar and worries for him. She tries to console him. Sikandar asks Kulfi will she tell him about music now, does she know what’s music. He loses his senses and expresses his pain in front of Kulfi. He gets angry on her. She gets scared of him. She gets heartbroken when he scolds her. Sikandar wants to tell the world that Amyra has done cheating. He is a dilemma that if he tells the truth, Lovely and Amyra will get away from him. He wants the real singer to get credit and fame for the lovely song.

Kulfi tells him that if he gets drunk this way, music will get away from him. He reacts angrily. Kulfi thinks she can’t stay back in the house, as Lovely has used her voice. Sikandar stops her from leaving and sends her to the room. He doesn’t want to see Kulfi. He asks Kulfi to sing and show if she knows any music. Kulfi sings a beautiful song, which amazes Sikandar.

Kulfi sings melodiously in perfect rhythm. Sikandar gets a big surprise. He can’t believe Kulfi’s voice is so sweet and rhythmic. He asks her what else she can sing. He asks Kulfi to sing more. Kulfi says I don’t know the lyrics further. Sikandar sings with her and asks her to sing after him. He teaches her the lyrics. Kulfi just hears him once and catches the lyrics well. Sikandar finds her very talented. Kulfi and Sikandar sing together and have a sweet moment. Sikandar realizes Lovely has used Kulfi’s voice. Will he get justice for Kulfi? Keep reading.


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