Udaan: Suraj to question Chakor’s loyalty and intentions

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Vivaan visits the temple with Chakor. He prays for Suraj and Chakor’s relationship getting fine like before. He doesn’t want Suraj to spoil his terms by bitterness. Vivaan and Chakor find a clue, when pandit tells them that an old woman from other village was staying in the temple room. Chakor suspects that old woman was Imli in disguise. She goes to the room to find clues about Imli’s survival. Suraj is losing trust on Chakor and Vivaan. He doesn’t want Chakor to roam around in the village with Vivaan. He is fed up and insecure of their friendship. Chakor is getting trapped in Imli’s plan. Suraj says you and Vivaan went to find Imli, but you guys are lost in each other.

Chakor asks him to stop blaming her. She tells him that she is trying hard to prove Imli’s existence, Imli has locked Vivaan and her in the temple room, it was much darkness there and Vivaan was slipping back in the trauma. Suraj tells her that she was with Vivaan for a day there, why didn’t she call for help. She asks him if he is not concerned for her, as she was locked inside a dark space till now, he isn’t asking her welfare and just getting on blaming her. She calls him heartless. He tells her that she has lost her senses, the door wasn’t locked, he has seen it himself, the door was open and she just stayed with Vivaan by her will. She tries to explain him. He tells her that he isn’t saying any lie, he has seen her with Vivaan.

He says you went with Vivaan on a drive and made excuse of phone theft on the first day, you attended a dance program on the second day and today you have spent time with Vivaan, you are doing everything on pretext of finding Imli, I have seen the pictures myself, Vivaan and you appeared happy together, you were recollecting your childhood with Vivaan, while holding his hand. She tells him that she had visited the ashram on the first day, and then arranged the dance program to catch Imli. She clarifies that she was really locked up by Imli, who might have opened the door on seeing Suraj coming, Imli wants to break them.

Suraj doesn’t believe Chakor. She tells him that he has lost his trust on her, Vivaan is right about him, as he won’t believe them till they bring some proof. Suraj says now you will feel Vivaan right. Suraj gets angry on her. Imli enjoys the fight between Chakor and Suraj. Vivaan asks Chakor why was Suraj shouting, does he not trust them, is this his true love. Chakor feels bad. Suraj believes Imli is dead, and Chakor and Vivaan are just hanging around by the excuse of finding Imli. Suraj is not ready to believe Chakor, because of the situations created by Imli.


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