Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to oppose Ruksar’s cheap allegations

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Ruksar blames Kabeer for molesting her. Ruksar is playing dirty games to get Kabeer. She claims to love Kabeer. Zara feels Ruksar is doing wrong. She scolds Ruksar. Ruksar changes the game and starts accusing Kabeer. Kabeer breaks down with the dirty allegations on him. Zara supports Kabeer. She tells Kabeer that she knows him very well, that he can never do anything wrong. She wants to fulfill a wife’s duty well. Ruksar gets Zeenat’s support. Zeenat asks Kabeer if Ruksar was with him in his room, then what will they assume seeing them together. Ruksar says Kabeer has accepted me with love.

Kabeer swears that he has no illegitimate relation with Ruksar. He pleads his innocence. He has no proof and turns helpless. Zeenat poses many questions and proves Kabeer guilty. He asks Zeenat to understand him, he doesn’t know anything about Ruksar.

Zeenat says Kabeer should be punished, if Ruksar did wrong, then she will be punished too. She scolds Kabeer for disrespecting Ruksar. Zara holds Kabeer’s hand. Zara tells the family that she will prove Kabeer’s innocence. She questions Ruksar over Kabeer’s doings. She makes Ruksar tensed by her smart questions. Kabeer tells his family that he fell asleep after consuming water. Zara suspects the water had some drugs mixed. Zara tells Ruksar that she will soon expose her. Kabeer gets happy when Zara takes a stand for her.


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