Ishqbaaz: Post women empowerment, Oberois to solve a murder mystery

Shivika get back together

Shivay and Oberois give an important message to empower the women. He tells them that a woman’s no means just no, stalking women shouldn’t be glamorized in films. He says if we have to change the society, we have to take an initiative, we should never support any wrong doer, we should support the victim in such cases, we should not make fun of any woman in any case. He tells them that the offender should be afraid of dire consequences. He requests the media to project the stories of such case in right way, they should teach a lesson to the culprit and protect a girl’s honor, as its the responsibility of the entire society. He tells them that they should ensure women safety in the society. He accepts that he has also done such mistakes in the past, as he has never respected Anika before. Obros apologize to their wives for hurting them unknowingly and disrespecting them. They portray the good category of men.

Media praises the Oberois for respecting their family women so much. Obros prove their love once again. Gauri feels bad that Omkara has lost his deal. Omkara gets an offer from an art collector. He gets happy. The lady appreciates Omkara’s work and also wishes for Gauri’s autograph for the painting, which symbolizes women’s strength and struggle. She praises Gauri for her bravery. She tells Gauri that she is certainly an inspiration for all the women. Gauri feels proud. Later on, Shivay gets scared of a small pup. The family worries when they hear Shivay screaming. They think whether Shivay is attacked by some enemy. They rush to save Shivay and learn that Shivay is afraid of a dog. Omkara tells Anika that Shivay is allergic to dogs. Anika finds its weird.

Shivay asks Anika to take a bath after touching the puppy. Rudra asks Shivay and Omkara if they had disappeared his pet dog. Shivay and Omkara deny it. Rudra doubts on them and demands them to speak the truth. Shivay tells Rudra that his pet used to bark a lot and irritate. Rudra cries knowing Omkara has killed the dog. Omkara clears his misunderstanding. He tells Rudra that he has gave the dog to someone else. Shivay asks Rudra to console himself. RJ Rishabh and his brother Rakesh meet the Oberois.

Rishabh tells Oberois that they are their new neighbors and the pup belongs to him. Anika tells Rishabh that she is his big fan, she likes his voice and show. Shivay asks Rishabh to join them for breakfast. Rakesh appears gloomy. Shivay and everyone have a talk with Rishabh. Gauri stays afraid of strangers. She avoids Rishabh. Omkara understands Gauri’s fears and asks her to try to forget the bad happening, she will feel better if she stays with the family members. He promises of not making the same mistake again, he would always protect her now. Rakesh asks for water. Rishabh asks Rakesh to have medicines. Rishabh tells them about Rakesh’s illness. He boasts of his love for his brothers. Shivay takes Rakesh along.

Rakesh asks Shivay to save his life from Rishabh. Shivay asks why would Rishabh kill him, what’s the motive. Rakesh tells Shivay that Rishabh is going to kill him, he is psychotic, he is after the money. Rakesh asks Shivay to understand him. Shivay doesn’t believe it. He says Rishabh seems to love you a lot, brothers can never kill each other. Rakesh suddenly dies. Shivay doubts that Rishabh is behind the murder. Shivay convinces the family that they have to stop Rishabh from escaping and expose his plans.


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