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Suyyash comes across Falguni

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe get married. Radhe gets Saajan’s advice. Radhe gets beaten up by Shukla. Radhe tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong, his friend has misguided him. Shukla takes Krishna and Radhe’s class. Radhe apologizes to Krishna, as its all his fault. Saajan tells Shukla that he was just helping Radhe in romance. The drama in Radhe’s house begins.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Dadi tells Vijay that if Bulbul makes a mistake again, he will have to leave Bulbul and marry Mandira. Dadi is much upset with Bulbul. She counts Bulbul’s mistakes and tells Vijay that she will not tolerate Bulbul’s nonsense behavior. Mandira learns Bulbul’s matter and wonders what’s the reason that Bulbul is upsetting the family. She gets a doubt and finds Aaliya’s earring. She decides to expose Bulbul’s final mistake so that she can win Vijay forever. She goes spying on Bulbul. Mandira takes a disguise and dresses as a Pathan guy. She is trying to find Bulbul at Aaliya’s locality. Bulbul wants to save Aaliya from her greedy parents. She hides Aaliya in her own house. Mandira tries to catch Bulbul’s weakness.


Shivay and Oberois give an important message to empower the women. He tells them that a woman’s no means just no, stalking women shouldn’t be glamorized in films. He says if we have to change the society, we have to take an initiative, we should never support any wrong doer, we should support the victim in such cases, we should not make fun of any woman in any case. He tells them that the offender should be afraid of dire consequences. He requests the media to project the stories of such case in right way, they should teach a lesson to the culprit and protect a girl’s honor, as its the responsibility of the entire society. He tells them that they should ensure women safety in the society. He accepts that he has also done such mistakes in the past, as he has never respected Anika before. Obros apologize to their wives for hurting them unknowingly and disrespecting them. They portray the good category of men.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman learns Romi is moving out of home. Raman asks Romi what is he hiding, since when did they get distant. Romi gets rude to Raman and tells him that he is seeing his life himself. He tells Raman that he just wants to focus on his personal life and get rid of others problems. Raman finds Simmi taking Romi’s side and tells her that Romi will never support her. Romi tells Raman that he is fed up of his problems, and now he wants to move on, away from the family. Raman feels bad of Romi’s words. He gets drinking wine. He feels he has lost a lot in life and turns depressed. Ishita takes Roshni for dinner to serve her chinese cravings. Raman’s friend informs him about Ishita’s presence at the restaurant Raman thinks of hurting her by turning her jealous. He calls up his fake girlfriend.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Zain reaches Mariam’s house with evil intentions. He is ready to do anything to get Majaaz’s Haveli, in which his parents are much interested. He meets Mariam. He gets into a talk with Mariam. He asks her why is she standing outside. Mariam tells him that she got punishment by her mum. Zain tells her that he can help her. He tries to befriend her. He tells Mariam that he has got gifts for her. She gets glad. Zain turns into her friend. Mariam complains to him about Fawad, unaware that Zain is Fawad’s brother. Zain acts sweet and asks her about her family. She agrees to tell him everything if he tells her about his family. She tells him all the family secrets. Zain hugs her. He finds her very innocent. He doesn’t want to cheat Mariam and her family, but is pressurised by his greedy mother.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar tries to explain Amyra her mistake. She tells her that she is a princess, but she doesn’t need anything artificial to have in her success party. He feels sorry that he didn’t teach her to walk on the right path. He regrets that Amyra isn’t realizing her mistake and is just thinking about the party. He tells her that if she does the wrong thing by stealing someone’s voice, it will be bad, she should refuse to Lovely when she teaches wrong. He tells Amyra that the kid who has sung the song deserves the credit. He likes Kulfi’s voice. He tells Amyra that the girl’s voice is really pure and amazing, she should get the success. He asks Amyra to think if anyone does this with her. Amyra realizes her mistake and feels bad. Sikandar has to take a tough job in hand. He thinks to meet Roshan and reveal the truth to him. Kulfi gets to hear Sikandar appreciating her voice and gets too happy.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira fail to keep a normal teacher-student relationship. They get reminiscing their past. Naira tries to avoid Kartik, but the situation gets her back to Kartik. They get into a dream sequence where they try to talk out and end their differences. They speak their complains and also express their sorrow. Naira tells him that she didn’t break his heart and trust, she wasn’t wrong in Shubham’s case. Kartik asks her why didn’t she come back to him, why did she part ways. Their dream sequence ends, while they keep their silence. Kartik doesn’t want any disturbance in the class because of Naira. The students get suspicious about Kartik and Naira’s bonding on seeing their struggles and low concentration in the class.


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