Piyaa Albela: Angraj’s entry to stir up a storm in Pooja’s life


Meghna’s marriage ceremony will be seen. Vyas’ real heir comes home. Naren welcomes his brother with much love. Naren and Pooja dance with all the special guests invited in the function. The family gets emotional on seeing AngRaj. Pooja gets tensed seeing the guy. Supriya and Harish hug their real son. Pooja recollects that Angraj used to scare her and her family ten years ago. She realizes Angraj is her psychotic lover. Angraj gets to see Pooja and gets glad to find her in the family. His obsession for Pooja will be seen again. Naren has no idea about Pooja’s past. Pooja hides the secret from everyone, because she doesn’t like to spoil their happiness. Naren and Pooja will face new troubles.

Pooja stays stressed with Angraj’s stay at home. She doesn’t know how to break her ex-lover’s truth to Naren. She loses her courage and recollects Angraj’s madness. Angraj tells Pooja that fate has united them, and this time he won’t lose her. Pooja’s dangerous past will haunt her again. Angraj pledges to create a havoc in Pooja’s life again.


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