Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa’s first ever cycle ride to brew up romance

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ruhi tells Ishita that she wants to focus on uniting the family. Ruhi comes up with plans to bring her parents together. She pledges to unite Raman and Ishita as before. Ruhi informs Ishita that Raman was praising her and seems his hatred is getting down. Ishita gets happiness on knowing this. She hopes to earn Raman’s forgiveness soon. Meanwhile, Raman slips in Ishita’s memories. He thinks of their happy times and lovely moments. He doesn’t want to lose out in his life. His second self makes him ponder and decide if he wants to remain Ishita’s husband or Adi’s father, as he can’t achieve both the roles together.

Raman wants to succeed in all his relationships. However, he realizes he can either love Ishita by forgetting Adi’s death, or hate her and make her pay the price of killing their son. Raman decides not to shed tears for Ishita’s leaving. He turns his heart into a stone again, while deeply remembering Adi.

Ruhi and Pihu arrange a task for Raman and Ishita and send them together. Raman and Ishita will be seen enjoying a cycle ride. They get stuck at the isolated place, where their car breaks down. Raman tells her that he is tolerating her only because they have to complete their work together. They face the stormy night and filmi situation. Raman takes care of her so that she doesn’t get hurt. He asks her to sleep in the car, and they will find some way in morning. Raman loves her, but also hates her, as he is not able to cope up with Adi’s loss. He is in dilemma. He wants to move on in life, but is really stuck up. He recalls the time when he lost Adi to Ishita’s so-called justice.

Raman is helpless to travel with Ishita. Ishita knows Raman’s hatred is just a pretense. He finds a milkman and borrows his cycle. Ishita asks Raman is he sure that he can ride a cycle. He tells her that there is no way for them to get other transport means. Raman thinks of crossing the journey on a cycle, since they have to reach the city soon. Ishita asks him to ride carefully. He asks her to sit quiet and not complain, else he will drop her on the roads. They have sweet arguments on the way. Ishita feels Raman would be changing his hatred to love sooner.


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