Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to realize his love for Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman learns Romi is moving out of home. Raman asks Romi what is he hiding, since when did they get distant. Romi gets rude to Raman and tells him that he is seeing his life himself. He tells Raman that he just wants to focus on his personal life and get rid of others problems. Raman finds Simmi taking Romi’s side and tells her that Romi will never support her. Romi tells Raman that he is fed up of his problems, and now he wants to move on, away from the family. Raman feels bad of Romi’s words. He gets drinking wine. He feels he has lost a lot in life and turns depressed. Ishita takes Roshni for dinner to serve her chinese cravings. Raman’s friend informs him about Ishita’s presence at the restaurant Raman thinks of hurting her by turning her jealous. He calls up his fake girlfriend.

Raman and his girlfriend reach the same cafe and act being in love to hurt Ishita’s heart. Ishita gets affected, but doesn’t show. Raman’s friend asks Raman if he isn’t with Ishita now. Ishita likes to leave from the restaurant. Raman enjoys when his girlfriend insults Ishita. Ishita scolds the girl for enjoying on someone else’s richness. Raman gets to hear some men’s cheap comments on Ishita. He loses his cool and beats them up. The girl stops Raman’s madness and asks him if he still loves Ishita, as his behavior proves it. Raman denies the truth. He then realizes he still loves Ishita. He deeply misses her in his life. He then recollects Adi’s death and the pain which Ishita gave him.

He feels sorry for himself. He thinks he isn’t courageous like Ishita. His second self tells him that he is Adi’s father, he should cry for Adi, who is killed by Ishita. Raman feels Ishita was not at fault, but his second self makes him realize that Ishita should have not judged Adi.

Raman then cries for Adi. He misses Adi and feels he loves Adi a lot. He then starts hating Ishita as she has snatched his son. Raman chooses to remain as Adi’s unfortunate father. He apologizes to Adi. Raman’s friend complains to him about Ishita, who didn’t do the surgery well. He complains of severe pain and asks Raman why did he recommend Ishita. Raman takes his friend to Ishita and asks her not to spoil his name, as he is the one who recommended his friend. Ishita apologizes for whatever happened. She then proves that the patient has eaten solid food and didn’t follow her instructions. The man threatens of dragging her to the court. Ishita asks Raman did he teach his friend to threaten her. She asks him to stop ruining her peace. Raman tells her that he isn’t doing anything against her. She scolds Raman and his friend. Ruhi plans a trip for Raman and Ishita, so that their ways unwillingly come together.


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