Ishqbaaz: Shivay to crack Rakesh’s murder mystery


Shivay will be solving a murder mystery. He gets spying to know who has killed Rakesh. He gets an important clue and is hopeful to find the culprit. He visits Rishabh’s house and collects some pictures. Oberois will be fooling Rishabh to stop him from going to London. Shivay is trying hard to find a solid evidence against Rishabh. Shivay isn’t ready to accept that Rakesh had a natural death. Shivay finds the situation strange. He is trying to know how Rakesh was killed. He checks Rakesh’s pictures. Anika asks him to give some rest to his eyes, how long will he stare at the pictures. Shivay tells her that the pictures have the clue hidden.

She asks him not to overthink. He tells her that something isn’t normal, the pet dog Disco is seen in the background of the picture. She asks him will he blame Disco for Rakesh’s murder now. She asks him to have coffee. Shivay understands that Rishabh has used Disco in killing Rakesh.

He then hears the radio show and learns about the dog’s obedience. The RJ tells about the dog training, which can make the dog do any task, a trained dog can open and shut the door, and also follow the trainer’s order perfectly. The family knows Shivay will find the culprit soon. They trust Shivay and his intelligence. Shivay then plans to get Rishabh arrested by revealing the murder plotting, where Rishabh has employed a dog for the crime. Shivay brings the truth out. He gets justice for Rakesh.


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