Piyaa Albela: Anuj to expose Angraj’s psychotic love

Pooja finds Naren

Meghna and Kunal get married. Naren gives the honor of doing kanyadaan to Surbhi and Rahul. Everyone is happy and dance marking the great occasion of the daughter’s wedding. Angraj scares Pooja before making an entry in Vyas Mansion. He injures her hand and leaves his hand impression on the window and plays the flute which reminds Pooja of his obsession for her. She gets scared but thinks it must be negative thoughts. Just as Angraj enters the house, electricity goes off.

Pooja and others wait to welcome Angraj. Naren excitedly introduces him as Harish and Supriya’s biological son who was declared dead when he was born. Harish and Supriya get glad and emotional on meeting Angraj. Naren tells them how he located Angraj and was searching him for few months. Angraj meets his parents and family, but it was a scary moment for Angraj as he came with the motive to get her. Anuj tells Pooja that he will beat Angraj. Pooja stops him and asks him not to tell anyone and Naren about Angraj’s past with them.

A new drama begins in Vyas mansion. Pooja gets angry on Angraj when he troubles her. Anuj accuses Angraj in front of the family. He goes on and beats up Angraj. Naren stops Anuj and takes a stand for his brother. Anuj tells Naren that Angraj is Pooja’s psycho lover. Angraj acts innocent and cooks up a new story to gain Supriya’s sympathy. Anuj asks them to make Angraj out of the house. Supriya supports her son and tells them that she will also leave the house with him. She showers her love on Angraj. Pooja stops Supriya from leaving. Angraj plays his move to win everyone’s trust. Pooja can see his truth clearly, while Naren falls in a dilemma.

Anuj exposes Angraj’s evil. He tells how Angraj troubled Pooja in the past. He doesn’t trust that Angraj has changed. Everyone gets shocked knowing Angraj and Pooja’s past connection. Anuj tells Naren that Angraj is totally crazy, he has kept Pooja’s hair since ten years. Angraj denies the blames. Naren tells them that he will send the hair sample for DNA test. Angraj is playing a trick to prove Pooja and Anuj as liars. He apologizes to Pooja to show his noble side. Angraj will bring many big twists.


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