Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas decide to welcome Roshni in the family


Raman and Ishita reach the garage to get the car repaired. Raman’s clothes spoil. He removes his shirt. His mood spoils. Raman and Ishita reach back home. Ruhi and Pihu find Raman shirtless and make fun. They ask Ishita to help Raman. Mrs. Bhalla decides to get Roshni home for the sake of the family heir. She tells Raman that she wants Adi’s baby to get born in their presence, so that Adi’s soul can get peace. Parmeet increases the tension at home. Shagun tells Mrs. Bhalla that she will take Aaliya with her. She tells them that Aaliya should move on in life. Aaliya is much attached with the family. She tells Shagun that she wishes to live in Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla doesn’t let Aaliya leave. She hugs Aaliya and wants Aaliya to live with them. She scolds Parmeet for spoiling their relation. Aaliya loves the Bhalla family.

Shagun questions the Bhallas for deciding to bring Roshni home. She asks Raman how can he be so stupid to get Roshni and her illegitimate child home. She asks them if they will get Adi’s murderer Ishita too. She asks why are they giving importance to Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun not to interfere in her house matters. Shagun asks them did they think about Aaliya’s feelings, how would Aaliya feel when Roshni comes to stay with them. She asks them to decide who will stay with them, Roshni or Aaliya. She doesn’t want Bhallas to hurt Aaliya’s feelings. She asks Aaliya to come with her.

Aaliya gets in a dilemma, as she can’t break the family’s expectations. Shagun asks Aaliya not to be mad and leave Bhallas, who just care about the child. She asks her to pack the bags and just leave the house. Mani asks Shagun not to make Aaliya’s life more difficult and leave the decision to Aaliya. Aaliya chooses to stay back with Bhallas.

Raman asks Ruhi to help him join the family again. He doesn’t want anyone to break the family. He worries that Roshni’s entry can upset Aaliya. Aaliya asks Raman what would he do if he was in her place, no one can end ties with the family. She is ready to tolerate the pain. She justifies her decision and impresses Raman. He apologizes as he couldn’t help Aaliya. He explains Aaliya that he will always support her, he knows her pain. Aaliya doesn’t want to accept Adi and Roshni’s child. The child will bring the family together again.

Mrs. Bhalla tells them that the child is also of Adi, not just Roshni, the child is their blood. Ruhi doesn’t know if Ishita will agree to send Roshni home. Ruhi wishes Ishita agrees to them. Mrs. Bhalla visits the maternity hospital. She tells Raman about the hospital she has chosen for Roshni’s delivery. Roshni tells her that he doesn’t care. She asks him to think of Adi’s child. Aaliya gets hurt. Raman tells his mum that everything will happen as she wants. The family goes to Ishita’s place to get Roshni. Ishita disagrees to send Roshni with them. They request Ishita to let them take care of Roshni and conduct her baby shower ceremony. Ishita knows the family isn’t valuing Roshni and has just come for Adi’s child. She wants the family to love Roshni first.


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