Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi plots wisely to bring IshRa together


Ruhi comes as an angel for Ishita again. She tackles Raman’s friend, who wants to file a case against Ishita. Raman tells his friend that Ishita is not at fault. His friend reminds him how Ishita has killed Adi. Ishita faces Raman’s hatred again. She gets angry and doesn’t care whatever Raman and his friend do. She doesn’t tell the matter to Roshni. Roshni understands that Ishita is tensed and troubled by something. Mrs. Bhalla cooks food for her sons. Simmi argues with her to make food first. The family drama goes on. Mihika tells Mrs. Bhalla that Romi was stressed about office work, there is nothing to worry about. She hides the fact that Romi is buying a new house and has decided to move out. Shagun and Mani decide to meet the guy and know if the guy can keep Aaliya happy. Shagun asks Mani how did Ishita reach the cafe and convince Aaliya.

Mani asks her not to think anything and just hope that everything goes fine. Ruhi learns about Ishita’s tensions after hearing Raman’s friend. She tells Roshni that she will figure out the problem and see if she can settle the matter evenly. Pihu meets Ruhi at office and surprises her. She asks Ruhi why does she look stressed. Ruhi tells her about Raman and Ishita’s growing fights. She asks Pihu not to worry. Pihu gives her an idea to put Raman and Ishita stuck at one place, so that they get helpless to talk and sort their differences. Ruhi likes the idea and thanks Pihu. Raman’s meeting gets cancelled. Ruhi learns he is leaving for Jaipur. She plans to send Ishita along so that they get trapped in each other’s company. Shagun demands Aaliya to meet the guy and get decked up well. Aaliya hurries for the meeting. She doesn’t want to please anyone.

Ruhi meets Raman’s friend and tells him about Ishita. She asks him not to cancel Ishita’s license. She threatens him about revealing his secrets. She asks him not to get against Ishita and spoil her reputation. He tells her that he will control his anger and not do anything. Ruhi gets happy to end the problem. Ishita and Raman reach the airport to leave for Jaipur for their meetings. Ishita tells Roshni that Ruhi has suggested her a lawyer in Jaipur. Ishita and Raman get to see each other. They don’t want to travel in the same flight. Ruhi tells Pihu that she has sent Ishita to Jaipur by an excuse, and they can hope that Raman and Ishita come together. Ishita forgets her boarding pass.

Raman helps her indirectly. He also forgets his pass. Ishita helps him out. She gets happy to see her Raavan Kumar still alive in him. She wonders why is Raman going to Jaipur at the same time. Ishita calls Ruhi to know about Raman’s official trip. Ruhi and Pihu get happy to know that Ishita has met Raman. Ruhi lies that she has no idea about Raman’s meeting. Raman too informs Ruhi about the trip. He tells her that he has met Ishita. Ruhi acts ignorant. Raman and Ishita go on to board the same flight. Ruhi prays that their ego breaks down and things go on smooth. The flight gets delayed because of technical issues. Raman and Ishita get stuck at the airport. They take the route by road. Their journey becomes the same. Ruhi’s plan works out.


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