Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira to remain wrecked up


Kartik fails Naira in the test. She understands that he is venting out his anger. Tanvi tells Naira that she will complain about Kartik and make him realize his mistake. She is sure that Naira passed the test. Tanvi complains against Kartik. Naira learns Kartik is their new trustee. Kartik tells Naira that her paper was spoiled by coffee, so he has asked her for the re-test, he couldn’t read her answers. He justifies that he didn’t do anything wrong. He gives Naira the questions for the re-test. Naira and Kartik find each other hurt. They reminisce their memories. Manish happens to see news. Suwarna worries for Kartik. She asks Manish if there is any problem going on. Manish asks her not to worry. She feels something wrong is going to happen. Sudhir asks Naitik to talk to Naira and not let her academic year get waste.

Naira comes home and tells them that she is continuing in the college, she didn’t cancel the admission. Sudhir wants Naira to stay happy. Naitik asks Naira about her changed decision. He tells her that she has taken the right decision by not backing out. Naira recalls the day when Suwarna and Kartik ended ties with her. She sees the ring and misses Kartik. Kartik turns upset thinking about her. Naitik finds Naira living in her memories. He is afraid that his plan to unite her with Kartik may backfire. Naitik failed to convince Suwarna for accepting Naira again. Suwarna feels no one can understand the pain Naira has given her. She hates Naira who has snatched Shubham and their happiness.

She doesn’t want to get back Naira in the family. She feels Naira is the reason for Shubham’s death, she has broken everyone’s trust. She doesn’t think of Kartik’s future and just settles scores with Naira by punishing her. Naira misses Suwarna and Goenkas. She feels Suwarna has done wrong with her, it was totally unfair as Kartik and Suwarna didn’t hear her out once. Naira keeps the bitter memories in heart, that drives her ahead in life. Naira feels sorry for Shubham’s death and wishes that she could explain them that she was innocent.

Kirti completes the order in time. Devyaani gets glad and tells her not to give any chance to Suwarna to taunt. Kirti learns about the wrong order. She tells Devyaani about the confusion. Devyaani tells Kirti that they will help her rectify the order. Suwarna talks to Kartik and finds him upset. She finds him devastated. She asks him to come back home soon. She tells him that if he is taking more time there, she will come to meet him. He lies to her that he is fine.


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