Ishq SubhanAllah: Miraz to smartly secure Kabeer-Zara’s trust

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Miraz plays a dirty game again. He wanted to shoot Kabeer and Zara. He stopped himself on seeing Ruksar’s plotting going on. Ruksar’s truth comes out. Zara tells Kabeer that she will expose Ruksar with the help of evidence. She investigates and finds out Ruksar’s crimes. She reveals to Kabeer that Ruksar has been adamant to break their marriage. Zara tells Kabeer that Ruksar has got Shiraz after them, she has put their lives in danger. She says Ruksar has pushed me down the cliff. Kabeer tells her that Ruksar has done much wrong, he will not tolerate if Ruksar tries to take anyone’s life, as its wrong.

He deeply regrets to know Ruksar’s evil. He feels bad that Ruksar has attempted to ruin his evil. He tells Zara that Ruksar stayed with the family since childhood, how could she stoop so low. He feels Zara has gone through a lot. He gets emotional and apologizes to Zara. He tells her that from now on, he will only believe her. He tells Zara that he will sure Ruksar’s room, he finds a fight going on between Ruksar, Miraz and Zeenat. He asks them what’s happening.

Miraz tried to kill Ruksar so that his truth doesn’t come out. Zeenat rescues Ruksar’s life. Miraz lies to Kabeer that Ruksar was giving up her life. Kabeer learns about Ruksar’s suicide attempt. He gets worried and thinks if she has gone insane. He drags Ruksar to the family to expose her truth. Zeenat tells Kabeer that Miraz was hurting Ruksar. Miraz smartly lies and puts the blame on Ruksar. He threatens Zeenat and asks her not to go against him, else he will kill her. Ruksar tells Kabeer that Miraz wants to kill him. Kabeer doesn’t believe Ruksar. He has faith in Miraz, who has become like his brother now. Zara feels Miraz is a nice person. Miraz tells Kabeer and Zara about Zeenat and Ruksar’s planning. He plays a safe game to win Kabeer and Zara’s trust. Kabeer wants Ruksar out from his sight.


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