Shakti: Soumya to risk life for saving Harman


Harman’s life gets saved because of Soumya’s prayers and fast which she kept for his long life, prosperity and well being. Harman realizes that he was saved because of Soumya and keeps Vrat Savitri fast for her well being. He prays to God to unite him with Soumya if his love is true. Sameer discourages Soumya to keep the fast and tells that Harman has remarried and it is wrong for her to keep fast for someone else’s husband. Soumya makes it clear to him that it is wrong to think a life without him, although he is not with her, he is her life and the one who gave her identity.

She tells him that you will never understand our relationship. Sameer thinks Soumya is obsessive about Harman and meets an astrologer, who tells him that until Harman is alive, Soumya will never love any guy.

Sameer thinks to do all possible things whether it is right or wrong to get Soumya. He thinks of ending Harman’s life to get Soumya. He doesn’t realize that he has become obsessive about Soumya. He denies to see Harman’s true love. Soumya also does puja and keeps fast for Harman. Some bangles fall on her hand from the mannat tree. Soumya thinks something good will happen with Harman ji. Harman thinks God will soon unite him with Soumya.

Jeet blackmails Harman to marry Jasleen and takes Raavi in his confidence. He promises to marry her and asks her not to harm herself or the baby. Raavi asks Jasleen to make Harman understand and marry him so that Jeet marries her and saves her respect. Jasleen and Harman refuse to marry each other.

Soumya and Harman will be coming face to face. Soumya visits the house. She sees some goons taking a person and assumes that Harman got trapped. Soumya runs to save his life. She doesn’t want Harman’s life to fall in danger. Soumya gets shot by the goons. Raavi looks for Jeet, who is caught up by the goons. She finally finds Soumya, but in an injured state. Raavi then tries to help Soumya. Soumya has got the bullet while saving Harman from the attack. She has proved her love once again. Raavi shouts out to the family to come out and help them. Sameer reaches there and takes Soumya with her. He tells Raavi that he is taking Soumya to the hospital. Sameer leaves with Soumya, while Harman and family fail to see her once again. Raavi tells Harman about the guy who took Soumya for the treatment.


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