Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu to realize Kiara’s connection with Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Anniversary party twists lined

Abhi and Pragya go through a series of emotions on meeting each other. He feels betrayed and cheated by Pragya. Pragya decides to tell him about the truth of King and her, but she stops realizing Abhi is remarried. He gets his hand injured. Pragya tries to bandage his hand. He holds her closer against the wall, and confronts her why did she marry King? Praya tells him that he is hurting her and she is feeling pain. Abhi tells her that he is feeling pain and cheated, and asks her to answer his question, why did she remarry? Pragya says I don’t think I shall give you an answer and reminds him that he himself threw her out of house blaming her of Dadi’s murder.

Abhi leaves from King’s house. King asks Pragya to stay away from Abhi, thinking the latter is liking Pragya. Soon, King will be shocked with the revelation that Abhi is Pragya’s husband.

Meanwhile, Tanu realizes Kiara is Abhi and Pragya’s daughter and thinks who brought her here. She thinks she will not leave the person who brought her here. She burst out her anger on Disha and Sunny. Disha and Sunny understand something is wrong and Tanu is scared with Kiara’s return. Tanu takes Kiara as Pragya’s threat and decides to do something before Abhi and Pragya see each other. She comes to the conclusion that Kiara is surely Abhi and Pragya’s daughter and decides to make sure she doesn’t come again. She tries to talk to Abhi, but he ignores her.


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