Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: ‘Love by Chance’ for Kaira on a train journey

Yeh Rishta: Celebrations plus Challenges for Kartik-Naira

Naira and Kartik deal with their old memories. Naira finishes the assignment. She doesn’t want Kartik to point out her weakness in the class. Kartik makes special notes for the weak students. He thinks of Naira who isn’t aware of the management basics. Kirti fails to get help for completing the order. Devyaani tells Naksh about the wrong order. She tells him that Kirti is stressed about the order. Naksh asks Kirti to leave the order. Kirti tells him that its their mistake, and its their duty to complete the order. Naira imagines Kartik helping her in completing the assignment in a romantic way. She misses him and finds her around. Kartik too thinks of her and imagines a romantic moment with Naira. She asks him not to be so rude towards her. He wishes her all the best and tells her that he will always be with her. They are lost in each other’s thoughts.

Devyaani asks Kirti not to lose courage. Kirti thinks of some solution. Bhabhimaa learns the problem and feels bad that she is the one responsible. She rectifies her mistake and apologizes. She stitches the clothes and tells Kirti that they will help her in completing the order. Naksh gets happy that the family is supportive of Kirti. He learns about Naira’s video call and goes off. Naira asks Kirti about Naksh.

Devyaani tells her that Naksh has gone to make tea. Naira doesn’t tell them about Kartik. Kirti understands Naira is hiding something. The family feels Naira is happy in Mumbai and she should stay there with Naitik. Naksh gets upset that the family isn’t understanding him. Naksh and Kirti take care of the elders, while they help in completion of the order. Naksh answers Naira’s call and doesn’t wish to talk to her.

Naira finds Naksh upset. He feels lonely without Naitik. She tells him that she misses them too, but its tough for him to stay in the city where Goenkas live. He sheds tears as everyone just thinks for Naira.

Kartik wakes up with a smile when he finds Naira around. His day dreaming comes to an end and he realizes that he got late for the class. Naira rushes for the class, as she doesn’t want Kartik to scold her again. She tells Naitik that the professor is strict, and she has to be there on time. Manish learns Kartik has met Naira in the college. He gets happy. Naitik wants to know what’s troubling Naira in the college. Kartik and Naira get stuck in traffic. They both think of catching the train to reach the college on time.

Kartik unknowingly boards the ladies compartment and falls in trouble. He tells them that he isn’t following or impressing any girl, he is running to catch up his class. He tries hard to clarify. Naira finds Kartik stuck in the problem. She goes to help him. She tells the ladies that he has come to meet her. She asks the ladies to let him go. The ladies ask him why didn’t he tell them first. The ladies bring Kartik and Naira together. They have a moment. They don’t talk. The ladies ask them to sort out their fight till they reach the station.


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