Bepannaah: Destiny to pull Aditya and Zoya closer

Bepannaah: Aditya to battle for his love

There will be trouble for Zoya and Aditya. Zoya gives news hopes to Aditya. They are trying to get saved from Rajveer. They reach the village and request the people to give them a shelter. Rajveer reaches the village and threatens the people to handover Zoya and Aditya, who fool Rajveer once again. Rajveer’s search goes on. Aditya feels responsible for all the havoc in Zoya’s life. Zoya asks Aditya to stay positive. Aditya turns caring towards her and apologizes to her. He feels bad seeing her hurt. He wonders why is Rajveer after them when there is no personal enmity.

Zoya stays cool. She explains him the power of worship and prayers. She asks him to have belief in Lord and goodness, they will surely overcome the troubles after they succeed to learn a lesson from the incidents. She thanks him for saving her life.

She says when the problems surround us from all directions, when no one supports us, just Lord helps us. She hopes that Lord will help them like always. She tells him that he had come as an angel in her life when she did a big mistake of attempting suicide. She reminds him the past and explains that Lord will surely guide them towards the good future. Aditya likes believing her and worships along with her. Aditya and Zoya make a prayer for their problems to end.


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