Ishqbaaz: A stone shower to sweep up the Oberois


Obros shockingly get hit by the stones. Some people pelt stones at them and vent out anger. Shivay calls up Khanna. The security guards try to save the Obros, but fail. Anika asks Shivay what’s happening, who are throwing the stones and why. Shivay asks her to go inside, she will get hurt. Gauri and Bhavya too get in between to save their husbands. Bhavya tells them that she will handle the matter. She goes to call the police team. Obros want their wives to be safe. Shivay asks the women to step back, else they will get injured as well. He asks the people to stop hitting stones and talk out the matter. The people appear as goons to them, who create a scene.

Omkara asks Shivay to call the police and file a complaint. Khanna asks them not to call the police. Omkara asks what happened to him that he lost his mind, they have got hurt by the stone pelting, how can he ask them not to call police. Obros get too hurt. They ask Khanna the reason. They want to find out why the goons came to Oberoi mansion.

Khanna tells them that he is the one who has created this mess. He says those men have come here to teach me a lesson, I have married a girl against her family’s wish, and this is their violent reaction. He tells his love story. He reveals that he has fulfilled the wedding rituals. They get a big shock. They congratulate Khanna for his marriage, and also pity him for the problem. Khanna asks them to help him in dealing with the situation. Khanna gets kidnapped by the angry relatives. The men hit Khanna and bury him alive. The guard informs Obros that Khanna is kidnapped and buried by the mad crowd. Obros receive another shock. They rush to save Khanna from his in-laws. Shivay rescues Khanna after the dramatic incident.


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