Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira to get their love cupid

Yeh Rishta: Karan's revelation to bring big twists

Kartik and Naira turn neighbors. He drinks wine and thinks of Naira. He deals with his tensions and sorrow. He wants to sink in wine and forget all the pains. Kartik gets a shock when Naira comes to his flat. Kartik hides the wine bottle from Naira. Kritika tells Kartik that she is happy to have him in her building. She says Naira is the one who was making ginger tea for him that day, but he did wrong to leave without informing her. Kartik and Naira realize their hit and miss. Naira learns that she had helped Kartik that day when he was stuck in the lift. Kritika tells him that he can have the ginger tea any time. She says we are friends and now Naira will also be your friend.

Kritika tells Naira that Kartik has just moved in. Naira didn’t know about the new flat owner. The little girl tells the reason for their coming. She says Naira’s towel has fallen from her balcony in your balcony, just return her towel and we can make a leave. Kartik tells her that he has used the towel. Kritika asks him to wash the towel and send it.

Kritika tells Naira that Kartik has just moved in. Naira didn’t know about the new flat owner. Kartik tells Naira that nothing was planned by him, its just a coincidence that he landed in her building. Naira tells him that she knows he won’t come after her, as he would have not come even on her call. She says I regret for this fact, but I m well aware that you will never try to end our distance. They have an argument. They get to face each other often. They throw attitude at each other. Kartik turns upset on knowing his wrong selection of the flat. He wanted to go away from her, but destiny brought him back to Naira. Kritika will be playing a cupid to bring them together.


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