Shakti: Its time for big revelations and drama

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

There will be big revelations about Soumya. Harak Singh gets angry and shouts that Sameer was cheating them till now. The family learns Sameer’s planning, that he was misleading Harman and Jasleen till now. Harman gets mad knowing this. They learn that Soumya was living at Sameer’s house. Harman beats up Sameer angrily and asks him about Soumya. Sameer tells him that Soumya has left his house. Harman doesn’t believe him. Preeto tells Harman that she will also meet Sameer and know the truth. Preeto, Harman and Jasleen meet Sameer and his mum. Sameer’s mum asks them why did they come again, when Sameer has already told them that Soumya is not here. Preeto requests them to tell them about Soumya.

Sameer’s mum says your son has beaten up Sameer so much, if Sameer had to tell them, he would have not lied. Preeto apologizes for Harman’s angry move. Sameer tells them that he has learnt Soumya’s truth that she is a kinner.

She says we have let Soumya go by her wish. He poses a question to Harman. He asks how can you love a kinner so madly. Sameer and his mum regret to not know about Soumya before. Sameer says I really don’t understand, why is Harman after a kinner, when the world has plenty of nice girls. Harman gets angry on him. Preeto calms down Harman and tells him that she will answer this. Sameer’s mum also taunts Preeto for encouraging her son in a wrong direction. She says you are a mother, and even then you are not stopping your son.

Preeto says you are thinking wrong, Soumya is not just Harman’s wife, but my bahu too, everyone can’t understand Harman and Soumya’s divine love. Saaya arrives there and reveals Sameer’s intentions to everyone. She says I have heard Sameer was also in love with Soumya, just because of her beauty, he didn’t see her heart. She says you have given a shelter to Soumya, as she has helped you in running the toy shop well, a kinner has done a big favor on you, you should have worshipped her for getting good luck in your life, you are now speaking against her. She scolds Sameer. She asks them to have some shame. She tells them that Harman’s love is true, Harman doesn’t care for Soumya’s kinner identity. Harman hopes to find Soumya.


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