Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa get together for welcoming Bhallas’ heir


Raman organizes a flash mob and brings a smile on Ishita’s face. Bhallas succeed to convince Ishita for Roshni’s baby shower ceremony in Bhalla house. Roshni too gets happy with Bhallas’ love shower. Ishita finds the surprise very sweet. Bhallas prove that they are also interested in Roshni, not just the child. Roshni knows Bhallas won’t accept her. She falls in their cute trap. Raman has danced to convince Ishita, which comes as a big pleasant surprise for her. They together plan the baby shower ceremony. They get happy that they will be turning into grand parents.

Aaliya and Roshni have some tension between them because of their relation with Adi. Aaliya gets upset on finding Roshni getting all the attention. She tries to behave normal, but the sorrow gets on her senses. Ishita tries to neutralize Aaliya.

Bhallas reach Ishita’s house with Dhol Nagada to take Roshni along. Ishita and Roshni get decked up and are ready to welcome happiness. Roshni is tensed thinking if Bhallas will behave well with her. She knows Aaliya and others are upset with her. She worries that she may face Aaliya’s anger. Ishita tells Roshni that everyone will treat her well as they want Adi’s child to be fine. She asks Roshni not to worry. Bhallas take Ishita and Roshni home. They appear very happy. They want to get their heir. They shower flowers on Roshni and please her heart. They assure Ishita that they will always take care of Roshni. Roshni misses Adi and thinks of his crime. She loved Adi and gets sad. Ishita spends time with her daughters. She gets happy to get back in her family.


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