Kaleerein: Vivaan to oppose Roma’s harsh move

Kaleerein: Vivaan fears for Paromita's secret unveiling

Roma throws Meera out of the house once again. She scolds Meera. She tells Vivaan that Meera is carrying an illegitimate child. She asks Meera to abort the child. She plays evil once again and asks Meera to confess her misdeed. She manipulates everyone. She tells Meera’s family that Meera’s marriage won’t sustain if Meera keeps the baby. Dolly asks Roma not to be harsh on Meera. Vivaan stops Roma’s misbehavior. He supports Meera. He takes a stand for her. He didn’t get love from his parents. He realizes that Meera’s parents love her a lot and are an example for good parents. He respects Meera’s parents and Meera too.

He tells Roma that Meera will take a decision about her child, she can’t force Meera to abort the child. He says Meera’s abortion won’t happen, she has all the right to give birth to the baby. Roma then lies to Vivaan and acts sweet towards Meera. She tells him that she will consider the child as her grandchild. Vivaan thanks her. Roma just wants to kill the baby so that she doesn’t lose the property. She is insecure because of Meera.


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