Piyaa Albela: A sorrowful shock awaits Pooja

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

The story of Piya Albela will see the death of one of the sons of Harish and Supriya. Pooja is blamed for the same. Supriya throws her out of house by forgetting Pooja’s big favors on everyone. Pooja cries and recalls in a flashback. The show is having a major twist during Pooja’s birthday celebration bash. Angraj is Pooja obsessive lover since her school days and managed to enter Vyas Mansion as Harish and Supriya’s son just to get Pooja back in his life. He acts sweet and traps Supriya, Harish and Naren in his words. He sends Pooja’s hairs to Anuj and threatens to get Pooja for him. Anuj gets angry and goes to Vyas Mansion and tries to expose Angraj’s cheap conspiracy. Angraj acts innocent and gets ready for DNA test when Naren insists.

Supriya scolds Naren for doubting on his brother and believing on Anuj and threatens to leave the house, but Pooja stops Naren and refuses to get the test done which will break the house peace. Anuj’s attempt fails badly to expose Angraj. Pooja sees Angraj smiling mischievously signing at Anuj and gets doubtful on his intentions. Anuj keeps gun in Pooja’s purse just for her safety. He turns and sees Naren looking at him. Angraj will kill Anuj in the show. Pooja is seen in white saree waiting for dead body to arrive, and regrets to let Angraj stay in the house which took away her happiness for forever.


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