Shakti: Sameer and Soumya to have a row


Sameer tells Soumya that he loves her, his love is more true than that of Harman, why can’t she see his true love. He tells Soumya that Harman doesn’t love, he is acting great, he will not support her. Soumya then breaks out the truth that she is a kinner. Sameer and his mum gets a shock knowing this. Sameer learns Soumya’s truth. Sameer’s mum gets angry on her for hiding the truth. She says now we understand why the kinners were finding you, you would have fooled Harman as well, so his family has made you out of the house, you have fooled Sameer, you lied to stay with us. She scolds Soumya for bringing bad omen for them. She says you have made our house impure, you did puja as well, we have to purify the house now, your husband has left you because you are a kinner, you can’t stay here now, you have to leave. Sameer questions Soumya over hiding her identity truth from him.

He explains Soumya that he had trusted her a lot and also had feelings, which he didn’t hide from her. He regrets to love her. He then counts his favors on Soumya. He makes Soumya out of the house. He throws Soumya’s bags out. He says I m ashamed to think that I loved a kinner, I can’t believe that Harman loves a kinner. Soumya apologizes to them for her lie. She says everyone doesn’t have courage to accept a kinner, but Harman stood against the world and gave a place to me in his heart, everyone isn’t like Harman, he is special.

Sameer says I don’t want to become like Harman, I just hate you, I m a man and can’t love you. Soumya explains him that manhood is evident when the man accepts someone’s weakness and shows a big heart, Harman loves me a lot even when he knows my truth. She says I m also cheated, I felt you are clean-hearted and love people without biasing, but I was wrong, you have thrown me out the house after knowing my truth, Harman loves me without any motive, he is selfless. She leaves from Sameer’s house. She turns homeless again.


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