Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naitik to learn Naira’s cause of concern


Kartik gets troubled when he counters with Naira on the way to college. Kartik and Naira get late for the class. They rush to reach first. Kartik reaches late and throws the register angrily, finding hard to accept his defeat. They vent out anger on each other in their own ways. Naitik sees Kartik in the college. He gets happy that the fate is bringing Kartik back in Naira’s life. Kartik doesn’t meet Naitik. Naitik understands that Naira’s dilemma was because of Kartik.

Naitik thinks of asking Naira about it. Kartik takes a surprise test. He asks the students about their knowledge. Naira didn’t knew the answer. He asks her to answer him. She gets speechless. He asks her what happened to her, she always has answers for everything. She gets a message. Naira walks out of the class and criticizes him. Kartik gets angry that she didn’t seek his permission and went away. Naira meets Naitik and clarifies why she has hidden about Kartik. Naitik wishes Kartik and Naira forgive each other over the past and reconcile.


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