Colors’ Super Spoilers

Upcoming twists in Colors' mega hits

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Rajdeep beats up Nandini and scolds her for losing costly bangles. She tells him that the lady was demanding money and was threatening to defame him. He yells at her for not paying less money and giving away costly bangles in exchange to shut up that lady. Nandini sheds tears. She explains that it was necessary to quieten that lady, else his name would have spoiled. She just wanted to help him, but instead gets tortured. Kunal and Mauli have a get together with friends. They spend some good time. Mauli misses Nandini. Kunal tells Mauli that very soon Nandini will also join them. Mauli wishes Nandini is not in any bad situation.

Soumya is back on the roads. She has turned homeless after Sameer throws her out of the house. Soumya cries and walks through the tough phase of her house. She feels helpless. She doesn’t lose courage. She thinks she shouldn’t stop herself, as pain is always been a part of her life. She gets kidnapped once again. She tries hard to struggle for her life. The kidnapper shuts her in the godown. He ties her up and leaves. Sameer’s mum spots the goon kidnapping Soumya. She runs after Soumya. She wants to apologize to Soumya and take her back home. She meets Soumya at the godown and frees her. She then reveals that she is behind the kidnapping. She asks Soumya to come with her. She tells Soumya that she was lucky for them and she wants Soumya to forgive them. She asks Soumya not to tell anything to Sameer.

Suraj and Vivaan aim the gun at Imli and threaten to kill her. Imli plays safe and makes them fight to get saved. Chakor tries to stop Suraj and Vivaan’s argument. Imli tells Suraj that there is something really brewing between Chakor and Vivaan. She pushes him in the circle of doubt, so that Chakor’s happiness shatters. She starts poisoning Suraj’s mind. She asks Suraj to be careful, Chakor is very clever, she is playing with his emotions, she will soon reveal about her love to him. She asks Suraj to think about Chakor’s bonding with Vivaan, he will be seeing everything with his eyes soon, Chakor knows he loves her a lot, so she has taken him for granted. She instigates Suraj.

Tu Aashiqui:
JD stays as Reyansh in front of Ahaan and Pankti. He kidnaps Sheetal right in front of them and gets saved. Sheetal tells JD that she will not let him win. She threatens to expose his madness in front of the family. She asks him to leave Pankti for everyone’s good and get his life back on track, promising to forgive him if he changes. JD stays in his adamant madness and tells her that he doesn’t want his family back, he just wants to live his life with Pankti. Sheetal finds him totally crazy. She jumps down his car to save her life, and attempts to alert Pankti about his survival.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Its Tara’s birthday. Deep throws a grand party. Aarohi gets in Tara’s get up and enjoys the birthday party. Deep and Aarohi have a romantic dance performance in the party. Colors’ cast joins them in the Special episode. Danny gets in between Deep and Aarohi. Deep turns jealous on seeing Danny. Tara enters the party to celebrate her birthday. She plans to shock everyone by her master move. Tara gets Aarohi kidnapped to win her place back in the family.


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