Krishna Chali London: Radhe attempts to impress Krishna

Krishna Chali London to highlight Radhe-Krishna's romance

Radhe gets slapped by Shukla. Dubey and Krishna see Radhe getting tortured. Shukla scolds Radhe for ruining his family name. Radhe defends Dubey and turns his dad angry. Shukla asks Dubey not to get in between his family. He asks Radhe how could he go to the cow shed to get milk, did he forget his status, how could he jump in cow dung. He doesn’t care that Radhe broke his leg. Radhe wanted to impress Krishna and get milk tea for her. Shukla loses his cool on Radhe’s stupidity. Radhe sells his bike for Krishna’s sake. Radhe buys a buffalo for her. Krishna defends Radhe. She connects with his pain and cries for him. Radhe gets glad that she sympathized with him for the first time. He feels he has won even after getting beaten up.

Krishna gets emotional. Radhe falls in a big problem because of her. She feels bad and understands that Radhe is a nice human being. She tells Dubey that she can’t meet his eyes, as she is feeling ashamed of herself, she couldn’t do anything for her mum and dad.

She tells Dubey that she has failed to assure him that she can shape her life on own. Dubey asks her to understand that Radhe is her life true partner. He blames Krishna for hurting Radhe and making the entire matter reach Shukla. She explains Dubey that Radhe is perfect, but their pairing isn’t perfect, she didn’t wish to settle down so soon. She taunts Dubey for selling her to Shukla family. Bua scolds Krishna for insulting her dad. Krishna tells Bua that she is equally hurt, she didn’t know Dubey will not let her drive her life. Dubey asks her to return to Radhe’s house.


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