Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal and Mauli decide to help Nandini

A short leap to bring twists in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

Kunal and Mauli stay worried for Nandini. Kunal tells her that he is trying to reach out to Nandini. He gives her an assurance that he will not let her friend’s life get ruined. They spend some moments of peace. On the contrary, Nandini receives a shock when Rajdeep gets his girlfriend home. She tells him that she had planned a surprise for him to thank him. Rajdeep in turn thanks Nandini for making his time wonderful by her efforts. He makes her out of the room. Nandini gets depressed with Rajdeep’s cheat. She endures all the problems at home, while everyone assumes Nandini and Rajdeep to have a happy marriage because of his love drama.

Mauli refuses for Kunal’s surprise. He turns upset with her. Mauli tries to make up to Kunal. She throws a surprise for him. Kunal shows off his attitude and annoyance. He doesn’t want to forgive her soon.

Mauli dances and wins his heart. Kunal gets a message which leaves him shocked. Kunal tells Mauli that he has to urgently leave. Meanwhile, Nandini faces a humiliating chapter. Rajdeep tells Nandini that he is her Lord, he will control her life his way. Nandini gets insulted. He calls her a liar and proves like she is at fault for not keeping their relation well. Kunal and Mauli’s life will cross ways with Nandini. There will be big twists ahead. Keep reading.


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