Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet to cleverly frame Aaliya


Raman gets angry on finding the fungus in sweets. He tells his family that he has personally ordered the sweets from their favorite shop, the sweets can’t be bad, someone has done this deliberately. He asks Simmi won’t she change ever. Simmi denies the blames. Parmeet asks Simmi to come with him, they shouldn’t get more insulted. They leave from the ceremony. Ishita tells Raman that they have to be extra careful about Raman. Ishita makes Roshni rest in the room. Ishita finds Roshni’s room locked. She worries for Roshni, who got trapped inside.

She tries to open the lock by her hair pin. She asks Raman to help her and break the door. She tells him that anything can happen with Roshni if they don’t attend her soon. Raman breaks the door and gets in with Ishita.

They find Roshni unconscious. Ishita asks Raman who has locked the door, something is definitely wrong, whatever is happening with Roshni looks like someone’s conspiracy. The family worries for Roshni. Roshni gets conscious. She tells them that she felt suffocated and tensed. Ishita tells the family that she just left Roshni alone for a while and didn’t know this would happen. Ishita fears for Roshni and her child’s life. Ishita will find out who is wishing ill for Roshni’s child. Parmeet plays the games and tries to frame Aaliya in the act.


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