Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to understand Aaliya’s side of story

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Raman and Simmi

Parmeet goes to console Aaliya and make her against the Bhallas. He tells Mihika that Aaliya did a lot for the family, who doesn’t value her at all. He says Aaliya has got cheated by Adi and even now she is choosing Bhallas over her parents, still she has no value. She asks him to show his drama to someone else, as Aaliya doesn’t need his sympathy. She tells him that they will manage Aaliya well. She asks him not to get between their personal matter. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to fulfill her wish and get Roshni home, so that they can have Adi’s child with them. Raman agrees to her. He tries to console Aaliya. Aaliya feels no one cares for her, as Ishita too chose to support Roshni.

She feels totally lonely. She asks Raman how can the family choose Roshni for the sake of Adi’s child, how can they ignore her feelings. She just recollects Adi’s cheat. She tells Raman that she can’t tolerate Roshni.

Raman tells her that he understands her and he equally repents for her state. He asks her to think of elders, who want the last heir of the family. He asks her to just do a favor on the elders and let them bring Roshni home. She asks him if he will accept the child. She tells him that its not easy to accept husband’s cheat and his illegitimate child. She apologizes to Raman and refuses to accept their decision.

Ruhi informs Ishita about the family decision. Raman asks Ruhi not to tell Ishita anything about their decision, since Ishita will not allow this. He asks her not to do anything in haste and let him handle her. He asks Ruhi to let it be a surprise for Ishita and Roshni.

Ruhi tells Ishita about Raman’s new project which she bagged. Ishita feels proud of her. Raman asks about Roshni’s state. Ishita gets worried on hearing his concern about Roshni.

Parmeet calls up Shagun and Mani and tells them about Bhallas’ decision to hurt Aaliya’s heart. He tells them that Bhallas are doing big injustice with Aaliya, so he has called them to warn them. He reveals that Bhallas are accepting Roshni for getting their heir. Shagun and Mani can’t believe it. They decide to confront the Bhallas.

Ishita plans for Roshni’s baby. She misses Adi and recollects his childhood. She promises Adi that she will take care of his baby well and give him much love, the baby will prove the bond of love. Shagun tells Mani that maybe Ishita wants Roshni’s rights. She calls up Ishita and scolds her for trying to cross the limits and entering Aaliya’s life. She asks Ishita to stay away from Aaliya. Ishita doesn’t understand what does Shagun mean. She gets clueless. Shagun and Mani head to Bhalla house to ask for a justification from Bhallas. Shagun demands them to tell about their decision to accept an illegitimate child. Mrs. Bhalla tells Shagun that the child belongs to their family. Shagun asks them about Aaliya’s emotions. She tells them that Aaliya won’t live them from now on. Bhallas don’t want Aaliya to leave. Ishita learns about Bhalla’s wish to accept Adi’s child. She opposes them and doesn’t want Roshni to lose her baby.


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