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Spoilers Internet Wala Love, Shakti

Roop- Mard Ka Naya Swaroop:
Shamsher wants Roop to grow up as a strong headed, powerful man who doesn’t bend in front of any woman, but Roop is different and likes to do it all whatever her father doesn’t want him to do. In his school, students tease him for dancing as Radha, he gets sad but that doesn’t stop dancing. He shows a keen interest in dancing. His teacher asks him to decide if he wants to do as his father said, or pursue his dreams. She leaves the decision on Roop. Roop takes a decision and tells the teacher that he wants to pursue his hobbies. He wants to dance. Meanwhile, Shamsher thinks because of the rigorous exercise, Roop will get far away from dancing. Shamsher tells that he is sure Roop got away with dance.

Roop shows interest in dance. Teacher asks him to decide. Roop takes a decision. Later on, Palak enters the room to meet Roop. She didn’t know about the marbles spread on the floor. She falls down. Kamla sees the children united and managing each other. She feels they are his strength. Palak didn’t know about Ranveer’s mischief. Roop manages Himani and Jigna and stops them from falling down. Palak ends up getting hurt.

Savitri Devi:

Sanchi acts as she is having an affair with Dr. Kabir and sending and receiving lovey-dovey messages. Dr. Kabir is using Sanchi as a puppet and she is letting him do this for the sake of her brother. She is breaking her every dear relation, and now Dr. Kabir eyes are on Veer and Sanchi’s relation. Savitri questions Sanchi on getting the divorce papers in her cupboard. Sanchi tells her that she wants a divorce from Veer. Veer gets shattered and sit shockingly. Savitri slaps Sanchi and regrets to trust and love her. Priya gives divorce papers to Veer and asks him to sign. Veer looks on at the papers shockingly. Will he sign on the divorce papers? Sanchi has spoiled many lives for Sunny’s future.


Ranbir realizes his special connection with Kritika when he gets only her thoughts and thinks why is she conquering on his mind when he has no feeling for her. He doesn’t realize their past birth connection and gets confused about his feelings. On his return to India, Malishka tells him that she is very hurt as her father Batra send them a notice, although she tried to make him understand, he didn’t agree. Ranbir hears her and tells Mahima that just one court hearing and Kapoor Mansion will be back to them again legally. Malishka is shocked and thinks what is his plan? Meanwhile, Kritika and Jiana develop a soft corner for Ranbir and Akki after the latter saved them from bank robbers.


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