Ishqbaaz: Anika’s ‘upsetting truth’ letter to stun Shivay


Shivay and Anika have an argument. Anika writes down the negative points about Shivay. Shivay reads the letter and gets upset. He asks her is he really arrogant, rude, money-minded, egoistic, ill-mannered and a bad singer. He asks her does she really think so about him, does she think he still cares for name, blood and lineage. He clears that he isn’t short-tempered and isn’t breaking phones often these days. He tells her that she has vented out all her frustration in the letter. She asks him to the positive points as well. He tells her that she just mentioned two things, that he loves his family and that he has blue eyes. Anika tells him that she loves him a lot. She hugs him.

He expresses his annoyance and makes her away. She tells him that his blue eyes really attracts her. He asks her not to please her now, he has read all her true feelings. She tells him that she has written all the things earlier. She feels she has a bad luck to upset Shivay. She clarifies that she didn’t write anything wrong, he is still arrogant and he is really such as she has mentioned. She tells him that he shouldn’t care for such things. She asks Rudra to help her as Shivay is upset with her.

Rudra asks her why did she keep that list with her, she should have destroyed it. He also tries to end their arguments. Shivay tells him that he is too busy and doesn’t want to talk. Rudra fails to help Anika. Shivay leaves from home. There is a big twist. Some goons come in Oberoi mansion. They scare the security guards and shock Obahus. Hey ask Farhan for the locker password. Farhan realizes the goons are Obros. They all have fun moments when they play Chor Police like they used to play in childhood.


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