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    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
    Sikandar welcomes his Guru ji and kisses his hand with all the respect. Kulfi does the same gesture and touches Guru ji’s heart. She then touches everyone’s heart with her melodious voice. Sikandar and Kulfi sing Ali Maula song together. Sikandar takes a pause for a while, but Kulfi doesn’t let the rhythm breaks. She continues singing and shows her real talent. She has Sikandar’s blood and got the talents from birth. Lovely too forgets the annoyances and celebrates Eid with the family. There is much positivity around. They have a grand feast at home. Sikandar gets emotional and misses his daughter in the family.

    Krishna Chali London:
    Krishna’s bidaai happens. Bua asks her to cry a bit so that they can show the world. After the bidaai, Radhe and Krishna leave for home. Saajan guides Radhe to romance Krishna. Radhe gets tensed and asks Saajan not to train him, he can’t romance. Shukla family welcomes Krishna. Radhe helps Krishna when she loses balance. Shukla’s wife criticizes Krishna. She asks her to forget everything taught by her family. She tells her to obey their rules. Krishna gets inside the house alone and leaves Radhe at the door. Shukla scolds her and reminds her that both husband and wife should enter the house together. She objects on Shukla’s choice, which rages him. He tells her that it was the family’s need to get an educated bahu.

    He insults his wife in front of everyone. He didn’t wish any illiterate bahu in his house. He vents out his frustration as he has been hearing all the criticism by the society, he wanted an educated bahu to save his honor in the society. Shukla’s wife gets angry when he takes Krishna’s side. She asks her other bahus to do the rituals. Radhe asks Krishna not to take tension, this is normal in his house. Dubey and Bua worry for Krishna. Dubey wishes that she stays happy. Bua consoles him that Krishna has gone in a right family. Radhe prays for his good marital life. Krishna prays for her dreams. Radhe looks forward to begin a new life with her. Shukla shows her the giant globe and tells Krishna that he has invited the guests to prove her intelligence and shut everyone’s mouths.


    Obahus welcome Fiza. Farhan and Fiza bring excitement in the family. Shivay tells them that Anika talks non-stop. He warns Farhan to be prepared to answer Anika’s questions. Anika asks Farhan about Fiza. Farhan tells her that he believes in living in limits, and his wife is okay with his rules. Shivay asks Anika to take the guests to their room. Shivay and Omkara observe Farhan’s strange behavior. They don’t know the issues between Farhan and Fiza. Shivay is sure that they can help in increasing their understanding. Anika shows the room to Fiza and asks her to freshen up, so that they can get talking. She finds Fiza too silent and asks her to tell her if there is any issue. She reveals about Shivay’s arrangements for Eid. Fiza tells her that just this Eid is the memorable one for her. Before they could talk out, Farhan interrupts them. He doesn’t let Anika know anything about their marriage. Anika senses something is wrong between them.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Shagun and Mani want to take Aaliya with them, but Aaliya doesn’t agree to leave Bhallas. Mani asks Shagun not to compel Aaliya. Aaliya doesn’t love Adi anymore. She thinks of the betrayal. She wants to stay with Bhallas so that she can take revenge on Roshni by snatching the baby after the delivery.

    Mrs. Bhalla thanks Aaliya for understanding her and respecting her wish. Aaliya decides to keep the baby and love him a lot, so that the baby regards her as mother instead Roshni. She wants Ishita to support her again. Meanwhile, Ishita gets a huge shock when Raman visits her. Bhallas and Iyers meet her and tell their wish that they want to take her home so that they can have Roshni and her child along. Ishita gets this bad dream, which is actually turning true.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    There is a hit and miss at the building compound between Naitik and Kartik. Naitik misses Naira too. He thinks of going her college to give her the ID card. Naira takes a taxi and leaves for college. The guard stops her and doesn’t let her enter the college without the ID. Naira wishes she gets an entry and goes to the class on time. Kartik thinks to see Naira if she comes late, as he will get a chance to scold her. Naitik reaches the college and gives her ID card. Naitik sends her to the class. He gets a huge shock on seeing Kartik with the Dean. He understands Naira’s dilemma over the college. He feels bad that he couldn’t know the problem Naira is facing in college.


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