Shakti: Soumya’s kidnapping re-looped with new twist

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Sameer is stuck in a big mess. Harman got to know his truth. He slaps Sameer and thrashes him. Harman loses his temper on knowing Sameer’s truth. Jasleen stops Harman. Harman doesn’t listen and drags Sameer out of the house. He beats up Sameer in front of the public. Harman can’t believe that Sameer acted as a friend and cheated him. Sameer’s mum gets much hurt seeing her son beaten up. Jasleen checks the house and doesn’t see Soumya. Sameer lies that Soumya has gone out for some work. Sameer’s mum begs Harman to leave her son.

Sameer and his mum face misfortune after throwing out Soumya out of the face. Sameer’s mum finds Soumya and kidnaps her. She tells Soumya that she has realized Soumya is good luck for them and doesn’t want Soumya to go away.

She asks Soumya to come back home and stay with them. Soumya refuses to her. Sameer calls his mum to know her whereabouts. She hides about the kidnapping from him. She is sure that everything will get better if Soumya returns with her. Sameer has no idea about his mum’s mistake. Soumya thinks of seeking help from Sameer, who would not support his mum in kidnapping. Sameer’s mum stops Soumya from reaching to him and ties her up.


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