Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita’s rocking surprise next


Ishita applies mehendi to Roshni. Bhallas family get happy to celebrate Roshni’s baby shower ceremony. Ruhi asks Ishita to apply mehendi to her hands. She asks Raman to get snacks for Ishita. Ishita refuses to have it. They argue. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him that he will feed her something right, it can be a prank. He says the point is you are scared of me. Ishita tells him that she is not scared of him ever. He tells her that he knows it well, she is scared, else she would have eaten the snacks. Ruhi stops Ishita and tells Raman that Ishita isn’t scared of anyone. She throws the challenge and asks them to dance to prove that they aren’t scared of each other. Ishita refuses again.

Raman calls her a coward. Ruhi asks her to agree. Ishita asks Raman to show his dancing skills them. Ruhi tries to make their battle end. Raman and Ishita perform dance like before and add a huge wave of happiness in the function. Their children wish them to unite again.

They get hopeful that Adi’s child will bridge the gaps and bring the family together. IshRa’s rocking dance surprises everyone. It reminds them of the amazing compatibility and love they had before. Raman shows his amazing dance moves and throws the challenge at Ishita. She doesn’t give up and matches up to him. Raman holds her in arms and loses himself in her eyes. They have a moment. Ruhi acts smart and gets happy that her plan worked. Raman and Ishita ask Ruhi who is the better dancer. The family enjoys their dance. Everyone dances happily.

Roshni feels happy seeing the positive ambience. Simmi tries to instigate Mrs. Bhalla against Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla makes Simmi out of the ceremony. She asks Simmi not to haste and spoil fun. She defends Roshni and yells at Simmi and Parmeet. Roshni then gets troubled by the unknown enemy. Roshni goes home from the Bhalla house. Ishita accompanies her. Roshni will soon get kidnapped, which will be a big shock for Ishita and Bhallas.


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