Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik to turn insecure with Naira’s new life


Naira worries for Naitik. She scolds him for coming to college to give her ID card. She didn’t wish Naitik to fall in trouble. Naitik knows about Kartik now. Naira attends the Freshers’ party. Kartik too walks in to attend the party. Kunal joins the seniors and rags Naira. He asks Naira does she know about the Freshers’ party, she has to dance with him. Naira doesn’t take him serious. Naira’s situation is sad. She faces the problems because of her secret. Kartik feels Naira has moved on and forgotten their love. Naira wants to deal with Kunal in her way. Kartik finds Kunal with Naira and wonders what’s happening. Naira doesn’t share anything with Kartik.

Kunal teases Naira. He then tries to get friendly with her. He also comments on Kartik. Kartik turns jealous. Kunal and Kushal have an arm wrestling match. Kartik comes ahead to interfere and show off his cool side. Kunal challenges Kartik for an arm wrestling fight. Kartik asks Kunal if he is an expert. He doesn’t get back and accepts the challenge. Kartik wins the challenge by defeating Kunal. Naira gets happy with Kartik’s win. She then controls her happiness. Kartik wants to prove that he can’t tolerate Naira talking to anyone. He shows her that he is still waiting for her, at the same point she left him. Naira doesn’t want anyone to know Kartik and her relation. Naira thinks if the students know that Kartik is her husband, it will be bad. Kunal learns this truth. He then blackmails Naira and asks her to dance with him, else he will tell everyone about her marital bond with the professor. Will Naira agree to Kunal’s demand? Keep reading.


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