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Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar enjoys his time with Kulfi and Amyra. He celebrates Eid with them. He finds Kulfi a pure soul. She gives him a rose. He gifts it back to her. He asks Amyra not to fight with Kulfi. He becomes their music teacher. Amyra wants Sikandar to just be with him. Sikandar calms Amyra’s insecurities. He isn’t aware that Kulfi is his daughter. Even then, he is very fond of her.

Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop:
Roop is trying to change people’s thinking by his good behavior. He explains his friends that a real man is one who helps others. Roop shows his goodness. The children eat sugarcane. Raju also wants to have sugarcane. The kids don’t help him, but Roop helps Raju. Raju gets too happy. Bhavesh also learns a lesson and helps Raju. On the other hand, Shamsher Singh wants Roop to sleep and wake up with him, he makes Roop run and finish a big glass of milk. He determines to make sensitive Roop a real man. He fixes a tight schedule for Roop’s sleep, food and exercise. He wants Roop to become macho like him.

Sameer and his mum face their bad days after Soumya left them. They get a shock on seeing the fire. Sameer puts off the fire. He senses bad omens and worries. He feels all his fortune and luck have turned away from him. Sameer and his mum turn upset. She does a puja for his welfare. Sameer’s toys get burnt by the fire. Sameer gets another news by his friend. The man tells him that someone robbed the shop, the lock is broken. Sameer rushes to his shop. Sameer’s mum gets a huge shock seeing the bad happenings. She feels she got cursed by the kinners. She thinks she should not insulted Soumya and hurt her heart. She decides to get Soumya back. She wants her good luck back by hook or crook. She kidnaps Soumya to get her good fate back. She knows Sameer needs Soumya once again.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman tells his parents that he wants to provide financial security to Roshni, so he decided to give some company shares to the child and Roshni. He tells them that Ishita will be more convinced that they care for Roshni. Raman wants to get Roshni home and is ready to do anything. He says once we name some shares, Ishita and Roshni will be sure of our intentions. He decides to give majority of shares to Roshni’s child. They discuss about getting the majority shares of the company. Raman tells them that its their other venture, Romi is the prime partner in that company. He says Romi holds 30% shares of the company, he has started it some years back, I m holding 70% shares, but I want Romi’s consent too to give 51% shares to Roshni. Raman feels its too easy to convince Romi. He takes the permission from his parents and gets the lawyer to arrange the legal documents.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay gets blamed by Aaliya’s parents when Bulbul flees with Aaliya. Vijay faces the public protest. Media also arrives there and questions Vijay about the allegations. Aaliya’s parents want her back. Vijay and Agastya try to handle the matter and calm the public. Vijay hears the bad comments and loses temper. He asks the inspector to control the angry crowd. Vijay can’t hear anything against his family. The media questions ask Vijay is his family involved in child kidnapping. Mandira gets angry when media accuses Vijay.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Because of the land dispute, Majaaz gets attacked by some goons. He is troubled by Rifat. Mariam finds her dad in the hospital and breaks down. She hugs Majaaz and asks him to come back to her soon. Mariam wants to know who is behind the attack.

Shivay has found this idea to convince Farhan that Fiza loves him and can even die for him. Farhan has declared divorce for Fiza. Shivay has promised Fiza that he won’t let her divorce happen. Obros dress up like goons and asks Farhan for the Oberois’ locker keys. They scare Farhan and Fiza for their lives. They trouble Farhan further. Fiza gets worried for Farhan. Obros do a drama and shoot at Farhan. She comes in front of Farhan to get the bullet and save his life. Farhan realizes Fiza’s true love and hugs her. He realizes his mistake of suspecting Fiza. Oberois reveal their plan. Farhan and Fiza unite, all thanks to Shivay. Farhan hugs Shivay and gets grateful for clearing his misconception. Shivay stays upset with Anika, who has written bad things about him in her old diary. Anika wants to make up to Shivay for her mistakes.


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