Krishna Chali London: Radhe to express sorrow over his lost dreams


Radhe gets scolding from Shukla once again. Radhe wants his bike back. He gets a big shock when his bike gets towed. Shukla asks the men to throw the bike in Ganga ji or do anything. Radhe begs him not to do anything such. Shukla tells Radhe that anything that comes in between his honor will be kicked out. Radhe visits Shukla’s family for Pagphere and gets confused by the situation. Shukla and his wife see Radhe on video call, when he falls in cow dung. Shukla gets angry on Dubey for sending Radhe to the cow stable. Shukla meets Dubey and family. He vents out his frustration about the bike. Radhe sits tight-lipped and lets the elders talk.

Shukla asks Dubey to make sure that his family is well-fed. Dubey faces humiliation from Shukla once again. He just wishes Krishna gets all the respect in her in-laws. Shukla’s wife and Gulkhand Bua get into an argument.

Shukla’s wife doesn’t want to hear any clarification as she has seen her son in trouble. She asks Dubey to maintain peace and harmony in their relations. Dubey and Bua feel let down by the rich family. They still treat Shukla family well and send them off. Krishna feels bad over the matter. She is hurt knowing Radhe fell in the trouble because of her. She takes a stand for Radhe for the first time. She doesn’t like to see him crying.


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