Udaan: Imli to go insane after a shocking revelation

Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

Vivaan reveals the truth to Imli and clears her misunderstanding. He tells her that she has ruined her future because of her misunderstandings and hatred. He shows her the mirror and tells her that Chakor didn’t ruin their life. Imli tells them that Chakor has ruined her marriage and life. Chakor denies to know about her miscarriage and inform Vivaan. Imli says I know you have told everything to Vivaan and made fun of my pain. Chakor clarifies to Imli. She says even if I knew about your miscarriage, why would I tell Vivaan. Imli asks Vivaan not to cover up Chakor’s lie, Chakor has come between us. Vivaan and Chakor pity Imli that she has ruined her own life by her mistake. Imli blames Chakor for igniting fire in her married life.

Vivaan tells Chakor that Imli is mistaken that Chakor has told him about her miscarriage. He clears out to Imli that Chakor didn’t reveal him the truth, he had got her pregnancy reports and learnt the matter, Chakor was not involved in breaking their relation. He asks Imli not to hate Chakor. He tells Chakor that Imli has held hatred for her since that day.

Imli doesn’t accept her mistake and receives a shock. She scolds them for lies. Imli starts hallucinating and puzzles them. Chakor thinks of calling a doctor for Imli. Imli acts mad to confuse Suraj, Vivaan and Chakor. Imli tries to make them believe her once so that she gets free. Suraj and Chakor have an argument because of Imli. Chakor has no belief in Imli. Vivaan knows Imli’s clever tricks and doesn’t fall in her plans. Suraj feels Imli is acting mad and they should hand over Imli to police. Chakor thinks there is something wrong.


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