Ishqbaaz: Big twists lined during the Eid celebrations


Gauri manages the arrangements for Eid celebrations. Farhan and Fiza plan to gift Shivay so that they can thank him. They talk about Eidi, and explains them the meaning. Farhan tells them that he has also planned the gifts for them. Anika wants Shivay to give her a gift. The wives ask their husbands for the gifts. Farhan asks Fiza to wait for her gift, which he has planned wisely. Anika finds Shivay annoyed. He tells her that he has a meeting and he needs to rush. She stops him from leaving for the urgent meeting so that he can attend the Eid celebrations. Shivay doesn’t listen to her and reacts angrily. They wonder if Anika had a fight with Shivay.

Anika tells them that everything was fine between Shivay and her. She tries to find the way to know about the reason which spoiled his mood. Shivay returns home. On her asking, he reveals to her that he is upset for a valid reason. He asks her how many problems does she have with him. She expresses her love for him. He confronts her for the letter, where she has mentioned just his negative points. She tells him that she wasn’t in love with him at that time when she penned his real nature. He clarifies that he isn’t as bad as she has mentioned. She asks him to read the good points, that he loves his family so much. She compliments his blue eyes. She asks him to forget the old matter. He asks her why did she keep the letter till now, it means she still thinks the same about him.

She tells him that she loves him and values him a lot. He tells her that she has brought bitterness between them, and he won’t forget this. She asks Rudra to help her in convincing Shivay. He learns the matter and asks her why did she not destroy that letter before. She asks him to just sort the matter. Rudra tells her that Shivay will forgive her soon. She complains about Shivay, which gets overheard by him again. She asks Shivay not to drag the matter. He asks her if she is complaining about him again. He wants to make her realize her mistake. He tells her that he won’t celebrate Eid with her. Rudra asks Anika not to worry till he is there to help. The family sights moon and celebrates Eid.

Omkara tells them that Shivay isn’t coming. Anika and Rudra make a plan to compel Shivay for coming home. Shivay stays upset with Anika. She performs on a romantic song and asks Shivay to join her. Shivay turns up to stop Anika from crying. His anger melts down. He joins Anika and lights up the happiness. He wishes Farhan and Fiza for Eid. They have a dance and revive their childhood memories. Omkara and Gauri, Rudra and Bhavya have cute moments, when they find the perfect gifts for each other.

Gauri turns emotional when Omkara expresses her worth in his life. Bhavya too gets touched by Rudra’s thoughtful gift. Farhan gifts a Mangalsutra to Fiza and makes a new start with her. He tells her that he had left all his expectations, but the Eid has brought happiness back in their lives. He promises to give her all the happiness she deserves. Shivay finds the best gift for Anika. He fulfills her wish to perform Nikaah. Anika gets happily surprised on seeing their Nikaah invitation card. Shivay and Anika will be revisiting their love journey and proving their eternal love.


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