Krishna Chali London: Krishna to pass the intelligence test and make Shukla proud

Krishna Chali London to highlight Radhe-Krishna's romance

Shukla tells the guests that his bahu’s Mu dikhai will be special and very much different. He insults Radhe and asks him to get away while Krishna gives the test. Shukla asks the guests to spin the Globe and ask about the capital of any country, Krishna will be answering them. Shukla’s wife feels its a unique Mu dikhai. Shukla wants Krishna to save his pride. Krishna answers the guests and passes the test by answering the questions well. It becomes a moment of pride for Shukla. Shukla gets impressed with her knowledge. He dream of getting a trophy bahu gets fulfilled. Shukla tells the guests that they can answer any question, his bahu is like an encyclopedia. Krishna answers the random questions well. Shukla gets happy seeing the way she is answering them. Krishna’s wits get unmatchable.

Shukla tells them that Krishna will bring literacy in their family. Matuk asks her to recite a poem for everyone. Krishna recites the poetry by Shakespeare. Everyone gets spellbound on hearing her. Shukla asks the guests are they happy now, that they got literacy at home.

The guests insult Shukla for being a illiterate. Krishna takes a stand for Shukla and tells them how successful is Shukla. He tells the guests that Shukla has earned a lot in life by his intelligence and business sense, if not education. The guests tell Shukla that Krishna is sharp tongued. They object that Krishna is arguing in front of the elders. They want Shukla family that Krishna can get them insulted some day. The guests find a chance to mock Shukla again. Krishna’s Mu Dikhai happens finally, but leaves the family displeased. Shukla doesn’t think Krishna has said anything wrong, as she has spoke in his favor to save his esteem. Shukla tells his wife that he doesn’t want any woman in the family to talk much.

He asks Krishna to talk as much as permitted. He wishes the family to have stability. Shukla’s wife gets a chance to taunt Krishna for being raised without a mother. Radhe tells Krishna that his parents are soft-hearted. Krishna faces the wrath of Shukla’s wife. Krishna finds the family weird. She doesn’t understand why the family turned upset with her. She sheds tears and misses her perfect life. She misses her family, who valued education. Shukla doesn’t want Krishna to talk at her own will.


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