Ishqbaaz: Oberois to grace Shivika’s Nikaah ceremony

Ishqbaaz spoilers

Oberois celebrate Eid with Farhan and Fiza. They perform on retro songs and express their happiness. Everyone sings and dances together. Farhan’s mum arrives there and creates an issue seeing Farhan and Fiza together. She ruins the fun. She asks Farhan to sign on the divorce papers. Farhan tears the papers and tells his mum, that he won’t ruin his wife’s life, as he has full faith in her, she didn’t do anything wrong, she has always been loyal to him and loves just him. He praises Fiza and asks his mum to accept Fiza for the sake of his happiness. Farhan’s mum finally accepts them, being left with no option.

Farhan and Fiza have a happy union. Farhan and Fiza celebrate their love. He promises he won’t doubt on her again. Shivay and Anika will be performing a Nikaah, without the presence of any Qazi. The family graces the occasion, where Shivay and Anika happily have a Muslim wedding. They make their own love vows and give their acceptance towards choosing each other as their destined life partners.

They accept each other, their strengths and weaknesses with all their heart. They get united forever once again. Farhan and Fiza witness the wedding and applaud them for their magical love moment. Everyone showers flowers for the couple. Shivay fulfills Anika’s wish. She wanted a change in her life. She gets glad that her wish is fulfilled post the Eid celebrations. The Oberois will be seen in another stunning traditional avatars in Shivika’s Nikaah. They have cute selfies together. Farhan and Fiza’s track will be wrapping up.


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